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Custom Software Solutions

Basedig has a unique combination of data science, software development expertise and business skills. This enable us to provide our customers very rapidly with customized, data-centric business software solutions.

Our industrial grade, enterprise software framework can be taylored for specific applications, from data collection, to business analytics and data visualization.

We deliver our software as a service to let our clients focus on their core operations.

Data Collection



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Data Analytics Software Solutions
Data Science for Business

Understanding Your Business

Providing value starts with understanding your business and your real needs, beyond explicit formulations.

Our team of highly experienced experts held operational roles with practical experience, from supply chain to marketing and sales.

Enterprise Software Development

Golang Software Development

Basedig's developpers have extensive experience in software development.

Basedig's industrial grade data processing framework is developped in Golang for optimal performance and scalability.

The underlying architecture of our solutions enable the rapid customization of Basedig's framework to your use cases.

Thanks to Golang's support of multi-threading and inherent execution speed, Basedig can process very effectively very large amounts of data.

Data Science

Applied Data Science

Our team of highly skilled data scientists provide deep expertise un data science, mathematical modelling and optimisation.

We focus on solving real life problems and leverage a large library of algorithms to provide workable solutions.

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