About us


Basedig is the first Search Engine dedicated to databases. Basedig provides a direct access to structured data, provided by thousands of data suppliers. We enable data providers to post their data in classical data formats (JSON, Excel, CSV of Databases). These datasets can then be queried and extracted directly by end users, directly from a search bar, or via a specific Basedig API. Basedig is the ideal platform for analysts, consultants or data scientists looking to easily accessible, clean and structured data.

What Basedig can do for you:

You are a data user:

Retrieve structured and clean data at your fingertips Search precise, structured data of any kind and retrieve this data in any format you want: excel, csv, python objects You do not find the data you are looking for on Basedig ? Do not hesitate to contact us. We provide advanced data services such as data collection, data gathering, data structuring.

You are a data provider:

Share your data to increase your visibility or monetize your assets. Share and publish your data to make it available to the community. You remain the owner of the data and decide how your data can be used by Basedig’s members. You can provide your data for free, or request a payment for the data sets, on a lump sum or per usage basis (you decide the price)"

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