DIY Market Statistics in France

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and construction market is a huge market segment. In France only, it accounts for more than €30BN in sales.

The DIY market includes products such as power tools (drills, saws, sanders, vacuum cleaners) and construction materials such as concrete, paint, abrasives or screws. Other products include pieces of furniture, electrical components, lighting components, gardening equipment and furniture.

Do-it-yourself french market structure

DIY Manufacturers in France

The DIY market consists of manufacturers (brands) and retailers and distributors.

The main DIY brands include names such as Bosch, Hilti, Makita or Black and Decker for power tools.

Famous brands for electrical equipment include Legrand or Somfy, for example.

DIY Distributors in France

DIY distribution is organized in several channels. Channels can be dedicated to consumers or to professionals and craftsmen. Channels can also be on-line or off-line.

The main physical channels are distributors such as Point P, La Plateforme du Batiment, Descours et Cabaud or Foussier quincailleries for professionals. Distributors for consumers include chains such as Castorama, Leroy Merlin or Bricorama.

French Distributors sometimes join forces in associations in order to increase their bargaining power with DIY brands. Equip is such an association.

The main online channels are Amazon, ManoMano, CDiscount and other marketplaces. Traditionnal retailers, increasingly promote online sales through their digital stores or market places.

Towards an omnichannel revolution of the French DIY market

The channels however, are blurring the lines between these categories, because of several factors: the price war fostered by digital sales and market places, and the increasing availability of professional grade products in consumer retail stores.

Basedig’s DIY Market statistics

Basedig collects on a regular basis detailed statistic about the French DIY market. Statistics include products sold (including EAN references), manufacturers (top brands), prices, estimated sales volumes and main distributors.

Basedig publishes it's summary of the market statistics in France every three months.

The latest publication is available there: download the DIY France market summary for January 2020

More detailed data about historical prices and sales estimates by product, brand or channels are available on demand.

Consulting and Data Services

Basedig provides consulting services and data as a service for companies in the DIY and the construction market. Our technology platform and network of experienced professionals provide a unique combination of insights and abilities to help you boost your performance in that market.

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