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Product Safety Notification

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Product Safety Notification
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Serious risk

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Risk Description

The product releases an excessive amount of nitrosatable substances (measured value up to 2.9 mg/kg). Nitrosatable compounds can be converted into nitrosamines, which are genotoxic carcinogens via inhalation, ingestion or dermal exposure. A child can get exposed to them by putting the product in the mouth

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Product Description

Bag of 8 metallic coloured balloons with a diameter of 23 cm.

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Product Compliance Monitoring Solutions

The European Union mandates market participants to monitor product compliance as per the 2019/1020 regulation. According to this regulation, market participants have an obligation to dedicate resources to compliance monitoring.

Basedig provides services to monitor and detect potentially hazardous products on e-commerce websites and market places. Basedig collects data bases of product safety notifications, and forbidden products or substances. Basedig provides a unified access to this database and scans product descriptions on web sites to detect potential issues.

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