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Product Safety Notification

Notification Number


Notification Source

Safety Gate

Product Safety Notification
Notification Type

Serious risk

Risk Type


Risk Description

The mantel between the plastic isolation and the wires contains an excessive amount of lead (measured value: 75.9% by weight). Lead poses a risk to the environment.

Product Name

Nexans floor heating

Product Category

Electrical appliances and equipment

Brand Name


Sub Category

Cables for floor heating

Product Description

Cables with blue plastic insulation for floor heating.

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Product Compliance Monitoring Solutions

The European Union mandates market participants to monitor product compliance as per the 2019/1020 regulation. According to this regulation, market participants have an obligation to dedicate resources to compliance monitoring.

Basedig provides services to monitor and detect potentially hazardous products on e-commerce websites and market places. Basedig collects data bases of product safety notifications, and forbidden products or substances. Basedig provides a unified access to this database and scans product descriptions on web sites to detect potential issues.

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