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IOT devices managemen platform


Connect and Manage your Devices

Provide Added Value Services

Buildings Management

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Provide IOT services under your own brand

Basedig provides and operates a turnkey IOT devices management platform which you can use with your own brand

Connect your devices

Basedig's IOT Platform can connect any type of device, regardless of protocol and payload format. We adapt to your specific needs

Manage your assets, users, and locations

The platform manages large collections of assets, users with different access rights and geographic organisations

Monitor conditions and get notifications

Basedig's IOT platform enables to define notifications depending on precise conditions, such as thresholds. Monitoring is performed constantly and your users receive notifications only when necessary

Added value services for new business models

Connecting devices is only a first step to providing advanced value added services, such as energy savings, rental, predictive maintenance, per usage billing and more

Software for IOT devices management platform

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