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Top management consulting firms ranked by revenue in 2018


List of top management and strategy consulting firms in the world ranked by revenues in 2018. The lists includes pure strategic management consulting firms such as Bain, Mc Kinsey, the BCG, but also auditors, accounting firms, such as PwC or Accenture, IT consulting firms or technology and innovation consulting. These firms are located in Europe, Asia, the USA. The data was first published by

consulting, 2018, firms, management, by

Top 60 banks by total assets in 2018


Top 60 banks in the world by total assets in USD for 2018. Data provided by Wikipedia and S&P. Includes banks from China, Europe, the USA and the UK. The ranking was based upon assets as reported and was not adjusted for different accounting treatments. Accounting treatment affects the assets reported: for example, the United States uses US GAAP (as opposed to IFRS), which only reports the net derivative position in most cases, leading to US banks having fewer derivative assets than comparable non US banks. If JPMorgan Chase reported under the IFRS, it would be ranked 4th in the list as of 2018, rather than 6th

assets, banks, total, by, 2018

Number of cars produced by year in the world since 1998


World wide production of motor vehicles (cars) since 1998. Data provided by Wikipedia. The OICA counts over 50 countries which assemble, manufacture or disseminate automobiles.

cars, 1998, world, by, since