Best online prices and price benchmark for SADER

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List of online prices and price comparisons for each product of the brand SADER.
Products are identified by their EAN number. There are 105 products for the brand SADER in the list.
This price list was collected on line. This price comparator provides statistics and benchmarks about unit prices for each product and the distributors providing the best prices. The lowest prices and highest prices found are provided.
Prices may differ widely between distributors and dates. The name of the distributors with the best prices and worst prices are provided, as well as the price difference between the highest and the lowest offering.
Provides the observation dates for each product.
This price benchmark can be used to optimize pricing and sales, or optimize sourcing and procurement of SADER products.
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Number of Data columns : 15 Number of Data rows : 105
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Data row number Distributors Product Name Product Description Manufacturer Name Lowest Price Vendor Highest Price Vendor Number Price Observations Number Different Distributors Percentage Difference Max-Min Lowest Price ex VAT Lowest Price incl VAT Highest Price ex VAT Highest Price incl VAT Observation Date Lowest Price Observation Date Highest Price