Data Source: Invest Europe Private Equity Association, Company Country: Denmark, Company Street Address: Cortex Park 26,5230 Odense,Denmark, Company Name: Science Ventures Denmark A/S, Company URL:, Company City: Cortex Park 26, Invest Europe Member Type: Full member, Phone Number: +45 31787780, Company Description: Corporate Venture established by Energi Fyn A/S and Science Ventures Denmark A/S. Focus on early stage investments in energy and telecommunications., Company Zip Code: 5230 Odense, Type of Firm: GP - Corporate venturer - Industrial companyLP - Academic institutionLP - Corporate investor

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms based in Denmark

Data row number Data Source Company Country Company Street Address Company Name Company URL Company City Invest Europe Member Type Phone Number Company Description Company Zip Code Type of Firm
2 Invest Europe Private Equity Association Denmark Cortex Park 26,5230 Odense,Denmark Science Ventures Denmark A/S Cortex Park 26 Full member +45 31787780 Corporate Venture established by Energi Fyn A/S and Science Ventures Denmark A/S. Focus on early stage investments in energy and telecommunications. 5230 Odense GP - Corporate venturer - Industrial companyLP - Academic institutionLP - Corporate investor

Data Columns

Name Description Keywords Data Type
Data Source data, source, equity, association, europe, private, invest text
Company Country country, denmark, company text
Company Street Address address, street, 1, 10, 4, 27, 22, 16, sal, 26, 73, denmark, park, boulevard, k, 1200, company, 1550, cortex, copenhagen, 1256, 1100, 2300, odense, 5230, plads, orestads, amaliegade, raadhuspladsen, ostergade, hojbro text
Company Name name, equity, a, s, science, partners, private, denmark, capital, investment, investments, company, aps, ventures, ik, fsn, waterland, verdane, heartcore text
Company URL url, https, www, http, com, dk, company, waterland, ikinvest, verdane, fsncapital, heartcore, scienceventures text
Company City city, 1, 10, 4, 27, 22, 16, sal, 26, 73, park, boulevard, company, cortex, plads, orestads, amaliegade, raadhuspladsen, ostergade, hojbro text
Invest Europe Member Type type, full, europe, member, invest text
Phone Number 00, phone, 33, number, 21, 45, 16, 13, 32, 70, 59, 78, 66, 75, 39, 88, 64, 48, 44, 81, 74, 31787780 text
Company Description b, internet, description, www, position, is, in, by, 50, total, work, on, and, when, development, focus, for, to, world, as, not, international, through, sector, are, please, our, or, date, information, that, based, out, equity, a, france, s, their, local, group, market, services, its, can, level, region, human, either, more, an, science, com, from, partners, non, environment, they, energy, key, aims, role, 2000, only, those, care, who, high, closely, funds, established, provide, of, working, regions, europe, private, resources, v, performance, stage, new, denmark, have, but, active, over, across, also, goods, single, highest, consumer, financial, growth, act, we, make, knowledge, both, these, has, them, since, early, european, middle, members, generation, northern, works, dutch, employees, visit, 130, pan, offices, 2003, together, see, than, the, 550, potential, seeks, provides, help, expertise, capital, achieve, 1989, board, acquisitions, become, control, currently, joint, fund, london, future, independent, enable, seek, committed, technology, investment, industrial, management, financing, taking, made, extensive, mid, portfolio, enables, supports, sectors, investors, business, individuals, investments, operating, software, industry, telecommunications, firm, significant, regulator, berlin, entrepreneurs, oslo, stockholm, flexible, register, companies, manager, competitive, attain, organic, deep, billion, corporate, segment, company, with, approach, strong, always, raised, leading, entrepreneurial, venture, networks, registered, businesses, shareholder, experienced, eight, invest, answer, build, helsinki, benelux, leaders, team, afm, improvement, advisors, benefit, fast, nordic, strategic, beyond, distinctive, hires, integrity, want, courage, deliver, ventures, ik, operational, communities, maintained, focused, portfolios, teams, invested, eu10, increasingly, acts, substantial, originally, ambitious, copenhagen, growing, sized, responsible, founders, eu1, introductions, advisers, accelerate, playing, accelerated, audacious, todays, rebels, organically, interacting, energi, ambitions, 9bn, fsn, nordics, waterland, changers, dach, realising, ikinvest, verdanes, fyn, verdane, financiele, autoriteit, markten, heartcore text
Company Zip Code code, zip, k, 1200, company, 1550, copenhagen, 1256, 1100, 2300, odense, 5230 text
Type of Firm type, no, parent, of, independent, investor, industrial, gp, firm, corporate, company, academic, companylp, venturer, institutionlp text