Column company_description

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms based in Hungary

Type : text

Keywords : conditions, description, ways, is, in, on, and, development, partnership, 2, for, to, as, it, not, international, support, our, equity, a, funding, local, structure, into, can, opportunities, more, an, partners, possible, where, sustainable, mission, decision, only, high, managed, central, funds, programs, of, europe, new, but, over, also, pe, growth, we, completely, one, since, east, making, unique, success, eastern, the, well, potential, help, capital, markets, traditional, purpose, vc, gb, investor, investment, combination, directly, management, mid, business, flexible, companies, manager, europa, competitive, smes, billion, company, with, raised, leading, venture, businesses, experienced, sme, biggest, expansion, quick, dynamic, create, offer, establishing, focused, focusing, teams, innovative, inception, accelerate, ecosystem, eu5, optimized, mep, buyout, visionary, leapfrog, hiventures