Company Description: Mid Europa Partners (MEP) is a leading buyout investor focused on the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe with over €5.2 billion of funds raised and managed since inception., Phone Number: +36 1 411 1270, Company City: Citi Tower, 5th floor, Company Name: Mid Europa Partners Kft., Company Zip Code: 1054 Budapest, Company Country: Hungary, Data Source: Invest Europe Private Equity Association, Type of Firm: GP - Independent (no parent), Company Street Address: 7 Szabadsag Ter.,Citi Tower, 5th floor,1054 Budapest,Hungary, Company URL:, Invest Europe Member Type: Full member

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms based in Hungary

Data row number Company Description Phone Number Company City Company Name Company Zip Code Company Country Data Source Type of Firm Company Street Address Company URL Invest Europe Member Type
1 Mid Europa Partners (MEP) is a leading buyout investor focused on the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe with over €5.2 billion of funds raised and managed since inception. +36 1 411 1270 Citi Tower, 5th floor Mid Europa Partners Kft. 1054 Budapest Hungary Invest Europe Private Equity Association GP - Independent (no parent) 7 Szabadsag Ter.,Citi Tower, 5th floor,1054 Budapest,Hungary Full member

Data Columns

Name Description Keywords Data Type
Company Description conditions, description, ways, is, in, on, and, development, partnership, 2, for, to, as, it, not, international, support, our, equity, a, funding, local, structure, into, can, opportunities, more, an, partners, possible, where, sustainable, mission, decision, only, high, managed, central, funds, programs, of, europe, new, but, over, also, pe, growth, we, completely, one, since, east, making, unique, success, eastern, the, well, potential, help, capital, markets, traditional, purpose, vc, gb, investor, investment, combination, directly, management, mid, business, flexible, companies, manager, europa, competitive, smes, billion, company, with, raised, leading, venture, businesses, experienced, sme, biggest, expansion, quick, dynamic, create, offer, establishing, focused, focusing, teams, innovative, inception, accelerate, ecosystem, eu5, optimized, mep, buyout, visionary, leapfrog, hiventures text
Phone Number 1, phone, number, 80, 36, 57, 411, 452, 506, 1270, 0430 text
Company City city, c, 6, 12, iv, u, company, 5th, floor, tower, citi, kapas, emelet, szarny text
Company Name name, and, partners, gb, investment, management, ltd, mid, europa, company, kft, hiventures text
Company Zip Code code, zip, h, budapest, 1051, 1027, company, 1054 text
Company Country country, hungary, company text
Data Source data, source, equity, association, europe, private, invest text
Type of Firm type, no, organisation, related, parent, government, of, independent, gp, firm, intl text
Company Street Address address, street, c, 8, 6, 7, 12, iv, h, hungary, u, ter, budapest, 1051, 1027, company, 1054, 5th, floor, istvan, tower, citi, kapas, szechenyi, emelet, szabadsag, szarny text
Company URL en, url, www, http, com, home, hu, company, hiventures, mideuropa, gbpim text
Invest Europe Member Type type, full, europe, member, invest text