Company Street Address: Dillon House,Ballaghaderreen,Co. Roscommon F45 WY26,Ireland, Phone Number: +353 94 98 61441, Company Name: Western Development Commission, Company Description: The WDC Investment Fund which provides seed and venture capital funding on a commercial basis to SMEs in the Western Region of Ireland., Data Source: Invest Europe Private Equity Association, Company URL:, Company Country: Ireland, Company Zip Code: Co. Roscommon F45 WY26, Type of Firm: GP - Government - Intl organisation related, Invest Europe Member Type: Full member, Company City: Ballaghaderreen

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms based in Ireland

Data row number Company Street Address Phone Number Company Name Company Description Data Source Company URL Company Country Company Zip Code Type of Firm Invest Europe Member Type Company City
4 Dillon House,Ballaghaderreen,Co. Roscommon F45 WY26,Ireland +353 94 98 61441 Western Development Commission The WDC Investment Fund which provides seed and venture capital funding on a commercial basis to SMEs in the Western Region of Ireland. Invest Europe Private Equity Association Ireland Co. Roscommon F45 WY26 GP - Government - Intl organisation related Full member Ballaghaderreen

Data Columns

Name Description Keywords Data Type
Company Street Address address, street, and, 2, house, grand, square, 18, centre, 53, co, enterprise, ireland, the, canal, technology, quay, dublin, herbert, company, dillon, trinity, tower, roscommon, pearse, merrion, f45, d02, fk19, n768, wy26, ballaghaderreen text
Phone Number 98, 1, phone, 0, number, 94, 44, 830, 353, 625, 742, 671, 3111, 61441, 6334028 text
Company Name name, development, equity, innovation, commission, private, centre, western, life, sciences, business, investments, dublin, company, waterland, seroba text
Company Description b, description, position, is, in, by, most, on, and, development, for, to, as, bank, support, through, date, value, that, equity, 2013, a, 30, period, funding, their, group, which, market, its, region, an, science, partners, environment, years, at, network, programme, innovation, launched, key, aims, role, start, central, basis, of, commercial, experience, europe, private, resources, v, performance, stage, centre, 80, new, active, over, been, seed, financial, growth, both, has, just, angel, early, european, ireland, around, dutch, realise, 2019, classes, western, life, the, 550, provides, help, sciences, expertise, capital, achieve, acquisitions, go, tech, fund, independent, member, committed, investor, investment, made, portfolio, enables, supports, investors, business, investments, industry, firm, regulator, dublin, innovations, entrepreneurs, register, companies, manager, clg, competitive, attain, deep, smes, company, with, leader, asset, strong, entrepreneurial, venture, registered, businesses, secure, shareholder, experienced, invest, build, biotech, bic, team, afm, ups, creating, create, strategic, investing, irish, operational, enabling, maintained, focused, increasingly, acts, substantial, whilst, ambitious, innovative, manages, regulated, undergo, winning, ready, playing, extraordinary, halo, accelerated, wdc, todays, organically, ambitions, outperformed, waterland, realising, aib, medtech, financiele, autoriteit, markten, eu23m, hban, ivca, seroba text
Data Source data, source, equity, association, europe, private, invest text
Company URL url, www, http, com, fund, ie, investment, nu, company, lifesciences, wdc, waterland, seroba, dublinbic text
Company Country country, ireland, company text
Company Zip Code 2, code, zip, co, dublin, company, roscommon, f45, d02, fk19, n768, wy26 text
Type of Firm type, no, organisation, related, parent, government, of, independent, gp, firm, intl text
Invest Europe Member Type type, full, europe, member, invest text
Company City city, street, grand, square, 18, 53, canal, quay, herbert, company, pearse, merrion, ballaghaderreen text