Company URL:, Invest Europe Member Type: Full member, Company Country: Portugal, Type of Firm: GP - Bank subsidiary, Company Street Address: Ed. Quartzo, rua Alexandre Herculano 38,1269-180 Lisbon,Portugal, Company Description: None, Company Name: Haitong Capital - SCR, S.A., Company City: Ed. Quartzo, rua Alexandre Herculano 38, Company Zip Code: 1269-180 Lisbon, Phone Number: +351 21 351 58 40, Data Source: Invest Europe Private Equity Association

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms based in Portugal

Data row number Company URL Invest Europe Member Type Company Country Type of Firm Company Street Address Company Description Company Name Company City Company Zip Code Phone Number Data Source
5 Full member Portugal GP - Bank subsidiary Ed. Quartzo, rua Alexandre Herculano 38,1269-180 Lisbon,Portugal None Haitong Capital - SCR, S.A. Ed. Quartzo, rua Alexandre Herculano 38 1269-180 Lisbon +351 21 351 58 40 Invest Europe Private Equity Association

Data Columns

Name Description Keywords Data Type
Company URL url, www, http, com, pt, ecs, inter, vallis, company, risco, haitongib text
Invest Europe Member Type type, full, europe, member, invest text
Company Country country, portugal, company text
Type of Firm type, bank, no, parent, of, independent, gp, firm, subsidiary text
Company Street Address address, street, sa, da, 180, 23, alexandre, av, 36, 436, 38, portugal, 112, 185, 481, porto, ed, 1050, company, 4000, republica, 1deg, lisbon, rua, 1269, avenida, boavista, 2o, bandeira, direito, 4050, herculano, quartzo text
Company Description de, institutions, export, description, is, in, operator, brand, by, 100, following, on, and, for, to, as, bank, it, activities, not, 20, through, are, our, or, value, old, 3, that, economy, equity, a, which, market, services, all, long, its, region, different, economic, more, an, from, partners, stakeholders, include, lead, years, at, network, 2010, sustainable, levels, real, up, africa, only, managed, funds, established, of, private, state, eur, portuguese, have, except, but, active, over, last, also, ins, pe, financial, growth, uses, both, has, 2006, developed, low, portugal, works, spain, ecs, 130, structures, 200, together, than, the, potential, four, term, capital, markets, become, currently, mn, inter, fully, off, independent, sustainability, technology, investor, investment, directly, management, financing, mid, august, portfolio, sectors, investors, investments, operating, corporations, firm, significant, professionals, several, perspective, antonio, vallis, industries, companies, generate, able, buy, segment, company, with, approach, positive, strong, firms, returns, leading, add, estate, aim, businesses, sme, expansion, invest, build, strategy, distressed, team, mbo, sousa, banco, portugues, fast, creating, strategic, investing, focuses, fernando, hands, operational, focused, oriented, throughout, aum, teams, invested, acts, spinning, growing, player, adopting, restructuring, founded, manages, regulated, responsible, iberian, decides, socially, fragmented, outs, buyout, latam, investimento, opportunistically, risco, esmeraldo, recapitalizations text
Company Name de, name, a, s, sa, partners, ecs, capital, inter, vallis, company, scr, sociedade, risco, gestora, haitong, fundos text
Company City city, da, 23, alexandre, av, 36, 38, ed, company, republica, 1deg, rua, avenida, boavista, 2o, direito, herculano, quartzo text
Company Zip Code code, zip, 180, 436, 112, 185, porto, 1050, company, 4000, lisbon, 1269, 4050 text
Phone Number 00, 25, phone, number, 21, 22, 40, 58, 44, 016, 012, 351, 380, 6700 text
Data Source data, source, equity, association, europe, private, invest text