Column company_name

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms investing in All

Type : text

Keywords : l, name, and, to, as, conseil, c, equity, a, no, france, s, group, e, sa, gestion, partners, partenaires, i, sas, ag, funds, europe, private, associes, r, j12, uk, g, co, bv, early, luxembourg, sau, the, bc, capital, limited, london, game, ab, investment, management, ltd, latour, alpha, company, sia, gmbh, invest, llp, aps, oddo, diana, bhf, altor, advisory, nordic, riverside, bvba, deutschland, roberts, ventures, espana, advisor, guernsey, egeria, advisers, uab, cavalry, blackstone, antler, fsn, kkr, lbo, associati, kravis, kohlberg, chequers, baring, inflexion, tdr, sagard, abenex, permira, deltalpha, indofin, invalda, invl, merifin, aifp, baltcap, vaaka, frumtak, tecnet, hiventures, beteiligungen, technologiebeteiligungs


Data row number Company Name
1 Early Game Partners BV
2 Early Game Partners BV
3 BC Partners
4 BC Partners
5 Indofin Group
6 Diana Capital, S.G.E.I.C., S.A.
7 Egeria Beteiligungen GmbH
8 Indofin Group
9 Egeria
10 BC Partners
11 Alpha Private Equity Funds Management Company
12 BC Partners
13 BC Partners
14 BC Partners
15 Egeria Beteiligungen GmbH
16 Baring Private Equity Partners España SAU
17 BC Partners
18 Permira (Guernsey) Limited
19 Nordic Capital Advisory (UK) LLP
20 Deltalpha Capital SA
21 Nordic Capital Investment Advisory AB
22 Permira Advisers (London) Ltd
23 BC Partners
24 Permira Advisers AB
25 Egeria
26 Cavalry Ventures Management GmbH
27 Cavalry Ventures Management GmbH
28 BC Partners
29 BC Partners
30 Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP
31 Invalda INVL AB
32 J12 Ventures AB
33 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co Partners LLP. (KKR)
34 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co
35 Latour Capital Management
36 LBO France Gestion
37 Merifin Capital
38 ODDO BHF Private Equity
39 Frumtak Ventures
40 Partners Group
41 Partners Group (Deutschland) GmbH
42 Partners Group (France) SAS
43 Partners Group (Guernsey) Ltd.
44 Partners Group (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.
45 Partners Group (UK), Ltd.
46 Partners Group AG
47 Riverside España Partners S.L.
48 Riverside Europe Partners
49 Riverside Europe Partners AB
50 Riverside Europe Partners BVBA
51 Riverside Europe Partners GmbH
52 Sagard SAS
53 SIA BaltCap AIFP
54 Sagard SAS
55 SIA BaltCap AIFP
56 The Blackstone Group
57 The Riverside Company
58 The Riverside Company
59 The Riverside Company
60 TDR Capital LLP
61 tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH
62 Vaaka Partners Ltd.
65 Alpha Associati S.r.l.
66 Alpha Associés Conseil
67 Altor Equity Partners AB (investment advisor to the Altor Funds)
68 Antler
69 Antler
70 Antler
71 Antler UK
72 BaltCap AS
73 BaltCap UAB
74 BaltCap AS
75 BaltCap UAB
76 Chequers Partenaires
77 FSN Capital Partners AB
78 FSN Capital Partners Aps
79 FSN Capital Partners AS
80 FSN Capital Partners GmbH
81 Hiventures Ltd.
82 Nordic Capital Limited
83 Baring Private Equity Partners España SAU