List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms investing in Emerging Markets

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List of finance investors (private equity and venture capital) in Emerging Markets.
This directory helps entrepreneurs find investment funds which invest in Emerging Markets. The companies are registered with the European private equity association Invest Europe.
The database is a short market survey of private equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms in Europe. The list provides details about each investment fund and companies..
The information fields provided for each investor are: comprehensive address, phone number, URL, investment stage, investment sector focus, contact names and positions.

Here is the number of investors for each sector (some investors without sector information are also provided):
All: 1
Here is the number of investor for each Financing Stage (some investors without financing stage information are also provided):
Distressed: 1, Start up: 1, Expansion: 1, Secondary stage (Secondary direct deals): 1, Infrastructure: 1, Small buyout (<€15m equity): 1, Large buyout (€150m €300m equity): 1, Mezzanine: 1, Growth capital: 1, Mega buyout (>€300m equity): 1, Generalist main focus: 1, Mid market buyout (€15m €150m equity): 1

Number of Data columns : 11 Number of Data rows : 1
Categories : europe, business, investment, finance, investing, private, equity, venture, capital, funds, Emerging, Markets


Data row number Company Zip Code Company Name Company Description Invest Europe Member Type Data Source Company URL Phone Number Type of Firm Company City Company Country Company Street Address

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Company Zip Code text
Company Name text
Company Description text
Invest Europe Member Type text
Data Source text
Company URL text
Phone Number text
Type of Firm text
Company City text
Company Country text
Company Street Address text

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