Column company_name

Dataset List of investment funds, private equity and VC firms investing in Western Europe

Type : text

Keywords : l, b, name, and, as, c, equity, a, general, m, france, s, group, e, an, partners, partenaires, innovation, ag, kg, of, europe, private, v, r, uk, g, financial, co, bv, growth, european, germany, luxembourg, life, sciences, office, capital, limited, fund, sep, target, vc, investment, management, 212, ltd, latour, bellevue, merck, nv, holdings, atlantic, company, fur, asset, healthcare, venture, consulting, gmbh, benelux, pai, llp, aps, advisors, plc, 3i, cgs, capricorn, advisory, mbh, omnes, deutschland, gesellschaft, ventures, ik, hadean, scottish, dow, mangrove, darmstadt, finch, cerberus, randstad, kgaa, oakley, hpe, adara, fka, chequers, inflexion, elaia, ysios, biogeneration, sunstone, vidici, earlybird, gilde, 4bio, digitalplus, parcom, aifm, cdandr, henq, industriebeteiligungen, opcapita, anacap, palamon, heartcore, cipio, kreos, seroba


Data row number Company Name
1 Oakley Capital Limited
2 Latour Capital Management
3 HPE Germany Consulting GmbH
4 IK Investment Partners
5 Adara Ventures
6 Elaia
7 Earlybird Venture Capital
8 Earlybird Venture Capital
9 General Atlantic
10 Parcom Capital Management B.V.
11 IK Investment Partners Ltd
12 AnaCap Financial Partners Limited
13 Oakley Capital GmbH
14 Target Partners GmbH
15 Adara Ventures
16 Adara Ventures
17 Digitalplus GmbH
18 BioGeneration Ventures
19 Capricorn Partners NV
20 PAI Partners
21 Capricorn Partners NV
22 Omnes
23 Bellevue Asset Management
24 IK Investment Partners
25 Ysios Capital Partners S.G.E.C.R. S.A.
26 henQ Capital Partners BV
27 Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP
28 OpCapita LLP
29 PAI Partners
30 PAI Partners GmbH
31 Palamon Capital Partners
32 Cipio Partners GmbH
33 Hadean Ventures
34 Hadean Ventures AS
35 Randstad Innovation Fund
36 Dow Europe GmbH
37 4BIO Ventures Management Ltd
38 Digitalplus GmbH
40 CGS Management AG
41 Gilde Healthcare Partners
42 Finch Capital
43 Oakley Capital Holdings S.a.r.l.
44 3i Deutschland Gesellschaft für Industriebeteiligungen mbH
45 3i Europe PLC - Benelux
46 3i France
47 3i Group plc
48 Seroba Life Sciences
49 Heartcore Advisory (fka Sunstone Advisory)
50 Heartcore Capital A/S
51 Seroba Life Sciences
52 IK Investment Partners Luxembourg S.à r.l
53 IK Investment Partners
54 Cerberus Capital Management
55 Cerberus European Capital Advisors, LLP (an advisory office of Cerberus Capital)
56 Finch Capital
57 SEP (Scottish Equity Partners)
58 SEP (Scottish Equity Partners)
60 M Ventures
61 BioGeneration Ventures
62 Adara Ventures
63 IK Investment Partners AIFM
64 HPE Growth
65 212
66 Vidici Ventures
67 IK Investment Partners ApS
68 Earlybird Venture Capital
69 Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG
70 Earlybird Venture Capital
71 General Atlantic
72 Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
73 General Atlantic GmbH
74 Chequers Partenaires
75 Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG
76 IK Investment Partners
77 Kreos Capital
78 Mangrove Capital Partners
79 Kreos Capital Management (UK) Limited
80 Bellevue Asset Management
81 Elaia
82 Earlybird Venture Capital
83 Earlybird Venture Capital
84 General Atlantic