Basedig Services

We at Basedig, are passionate about big data, artificial intelligence and the numerous potential applications enabled by those breakthrough innovations.

We provide consulting services in three main categories:

Data collection and gathering:

One of the first challenges of Big Data is the accessibility of clean, structured data.

The Basedig platform provides an access to datasets which are formatted and standardized before they are published.

This enables data scientist to design and build their models easily and efficiently, with a high level of quality.

Data Scientists can use datasets already available on Basedig or request the collection of specific datasets, that we can provide on request.

Data Analysis:

Basedig’s unique collection of structured data enables us to compute correlations, generate clusters and find patters in multidimensional datasets, which would hardly be achievable otherwise. We provide advanced data analysis and data processing services on request as a consulting service.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence requires large (and various) data sets to train models effectively:

clustering, random forests have very high demands on data availability and quality.

We can support you in designing, training and optimizing your artificial intelligence models based on Basedig’s Datasets.

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