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Dataset Trade Shows List Canada 2020

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Data row number Description
1 Toronto Gift Fair, a leading show market making it's mark in the west comes up with products like innovative tabletop, housewares, gourmet food, garden accessories, collectibles, handmade, stationery, home decor, bath, bed and linen products and much, much more. A huge number of professionals attending and participating in the show says a lot about the potential of this event to become a flag bearer as fas as Gift Retail industry is concerned. The products in exhibition are seller friendly as far as according to consumer's taste and market mood. A complete new blend of home decor items, bed and linen products, handmade showpieces attract the visitors.
2 Salon Industriel de Qubec is the place to see the latest products and technologies, find tools to improve productivity and discover new solutions for your business. It is an unmissable industrial meeting that brings together in the same place for three days only companies that are experts in their field. It is a professional event reserved for the people of the industry which allows exclusive meetings for companies working in B2B.
3 Co-op and Career Fair will showcase your organization to thousands of UVic students and alumni at our annual Work Experience and Career Fair. UVic students can make an ideal addition to your workplacethey're bright, highly motivated and trained in the newest theories and technologies.
4 This site is not authorized to promote CHFA events. Please go to our website for complete details (this site is blocking us from posting our website and direct contact information but search Canadian Health Food Association and you'll find us).This site is not authorized to promote CHFA events. Please go to our website for complete details (this site is blocking us from posting our website and direct contact information but search Canadian Health Food Association and you'll find us).This site is not authorized to promote CHFA events. Please go to our website for complete details (this site is blocking us from posting our website and direct contact information but search Canadian Health Food Association and you'll find us).
5 The Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is North Americas leading exhibition where oil and gas professionals come together to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business and identify the solutions and strategies that will shape the industry for the years ahead.
6 Canada's Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) offers one-stop shopping for farmers and highlights the most innovative and technologically advanced agricultural products and services. As a business-to-business show dedicated solely to agricultural products, equipment, and services, Canada's Outdoor Farm Show delivers agricultural advancements that will help Canadian farmers continue to produce high-quality and safe food competitively.
7 Canadas Farm Progress Show connects local producers and international customers with the latest in dryland farming equipment, technology, and innovation. This event operates with the immense presence of agricultural products and equipment, agricultural technologies, production equipment, agricultural accessories and all agricultural correspondents in the agriculture forestry industry. Attendees give the show thumbs up for the opportunity it provides to see the latest innovations and new products unveiled each year.
8 The Montreal's It Conference will provide a great platform to all attendees to discover new cutting edge products and services, network and meet new people in the industry, stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and see technology in action through demonstrations.
9 iTech is Ottawa's leading IT technology conference and exhibition focusing on Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Centre and Mobility and discover new cutting edge products and services network and meet new people in the industry Stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends.
10 UEE is a universal event which is aimed at bringing minds of business owners together to reach the same strategy. Mark Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook inc will be leading our train of facilitators at the event. UEE is a universal event which is aimed at bringing minds of business owners together to reach the same strategy. Mark Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook inc will be leading our train of facilitators at the event. Pass into the venue by the Canadian citizens is to be purchased on Eventbrite. Participants travelling down from other countries can go to the same eventbrite to purchase thei invitation letter which will be submitted to the Canadian Embassy in your country to hasten you visa processing. UEExpo is Proudly supported by the Canadian Government.Go to Accelevents to Order for your ticket/Invitation Letter
11 Esthetique Spa International-Montreal will attract many visitors from different parts of the world and showcases product from Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry. This event showcases product from Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry. The event will attract many visitors from different parts of the world.
12 Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) is your premier destination to meet thousands of buyers from Canada, the USA, and the world. Meet apparel fabric buyers, sourcing directors, designers, merchandisers, retail chains, department stores, and more. Now in its 5th year, ATSC is the largest international sourcing event focused on the Canadian and North American Apparel, Textile, and Fashion sectors. Connect with 500+ exhibitors from the world's major manufacturing countries supplying the Canadian apparel market with Finished Apparel, Textiles, Fabrics, and Fashion. Join us and our partners for three days of sourcing, networking, and education.
13 Agri-Trade Equipment Expo aims to make people aware of the latest development and updates about the sector. Agri-Trade is considered to be one of the best Farm Equipment Show to do business in North America. It is one of the show in Canada that is supported by the major equipment retailers as a National Stand.
14 Ag in Motion is the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides an outdoor venue for progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations all in one place. Ag in Motion brings innovation to the field through interactive exhibits and live field and crop plot demonstrations.
15 International Tourism Travel Show is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, attracted prospective travelers preparing for their trips, discovering new destinations and seeking expert advice on their future holiday destinations. More than a hundred countries represented through their tourism offices, tour operators or travel agents.
16 The producers of O Cannabiz have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government. They produce myriad entertainment/media industry awards, including The Indies, The Canadian Radio Music Awards, advertisings Crystal Awards, The Live Music Industry Awards and the annual Music Broadcast and Industry gala
17 Canada Bridal Show is a must-attend event for bridal industry stakeholders. This event possesses the specialty of displaying the best of wedding dresses, groom wear, decoration, photography, cakes, jewelry and much more. It exhibits all the products and services Brides need to plan the majestic wedding of their dreams. Brides Grooms experience a once in a lifetime interactive Bridal Show and interact with all professionals in the Bridal Industry from Venue, Bridal Boutiques, Menswear, DJ/live Entertainment, Makeup Artists to Photographers Videographers.
18 Bump Baby And Toddler Expo is the place for new families, growing families, grandparents, and caregivers of young children. It highlights the finest local baby-related businesses and displays the latest parenting products, prenatal, baby and toddler products. * SHOP, demo and sample from nearly 100 top brands in the world of parenting from 0 5 years old* EXPERT LOUNGE: MEET face-to-face with sleep consultants, perinatal workers, speech specialists, massage therapists, parenting experts* MAIN STAGE features parenting experts, story time, cooking demos and children sensory activitiesNursery Furniture | Strollers | Car Seats | Baby/Children Clothing Accessories | Nursery Decor | Baby Carriers/Slings | Prenatal Care | Parenting Resources | Prenatal Health | Post Pardum Wellness | Doulas | Sleep Experts | Parenting Experts | Ultrasound | Makers Market | The Mom Market | Services and More
19 Bayfield Fair will feature Ribs Fest, Music Fest, Cook-off Competition judged in the Arena, Western (light) horse show in the main show ring, Miniature horse show in the sideshow ring, Sheep shearing at the 4-H Sheep Barns, Face painting and ballooning, Demonstration of knife and axe throwing, Pedal mini-tractor pull in the tent area, Flea Market, Heavy horse show in the main show ring and even so much more.
20 CANCELLED FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID-19 Heavy Horse Pulls, Demolition Derby, Parade, opening ceremonies with local dignitaries Live Music by the Gibbings Family and Fern Glen FiddleHeads, light horse show, Poultry Rabbit Show, Air Bounce Inflatables, Reptile Show, Penny Sale, Bingo, Silent Auction, Nevadas, Beer Tent, Vendors. Adult Junior Baking, Vegetables, Flowers,Arts Crafts Exhibitions.
21 See Your Future Education Career Fair Regina event will be presented in a high-quality trade show approach with interactive display booths. The universities, colleges, and organizations with in-house training bring expertise and innovation in a variety of fields.
22 Halifax Seaport BeerFest is Atlantic Canadas largest beer event and one of the top beerfests nationally. Armed with their souvenir mug, attendees can sample from the over 300 craft beers, premium imports, seasonal and ciders the many beers ciders from around the world in a fun and social setting. The festival takes place inside the beautiful, spacious Pier 23 Cunard Centre along with Food Trucks and a 400 waterfront patio to relax on.
23 Plein Art Quebec brings together the greatest craftsmen of our country. Presented under immense capitals, this event is a must to discover unique and recognized works of art. It is the opportunity to meet more than 140 artisans, discover their new works, see and touch the talent and creativity of home. It is the meeting of the artist and his audience.
24 Join us at the Toronto Coin Expo, Canadas premier coin and banknote show and auction, located in downtown Toronto. Featuring internationally renowned coin and banknote dealers, representing Canada, United States, and the World of collectable currencies. This is the place to buy, sell, appraise your coins, banknote, gold and silver. One of Canada's largest Coin Shows.
25 Kempenfest is Ontarios biggest and best waterfront festival featuring over 400 vendors, live music, a youth village, midway, antiques, great food and memories that will last a life time.
26 The Odessa Antique Show and Sale, the largest outdoor antique show in eastern Ontario. At this popular annual event, dealers from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes display a wide variety of antique and collectible treasures. Collectors can count on discovering anything from furniture to household items, tools, textiles, paintings, folk art, jewellery and glass and china. Whether you're hoping to decorate your home with heritage objects or retro pieces or add to a long-held collection, the Odessa Antique Show will no doubt yield many fascinating finds.
27 Galiano Wine and Beer Tasting Festival will feature an exhibit of products like fresh-made finger food, and entertainment, Riedel crystal wine glass beer glass, wines and beers, etc.
28 Victoria Harbour Floating Boat Show is an opportunity for yacht brokers to display and sell boats for sale to a wide audience who can go on board all of the boats and discuss the many features with knowledgeable and professionally certified brokers. It features everything from boatyard services, hardware, equipment, navigation electronics, clothing, etc.
29 Creative Craft Fair brings together 125+ exhibitors who display a wide array of products such as crafts, gourmet food, fine art, photography, clothing, glass art, jewellery, bath and beauty products, woodwork, high-quality imports and much more.
30 Oshawa Ribfest will be featuring 10 of the best U.S. And Canadian Ribbers plus a wide variety of other food vendors, sponsors and other exhibitors offering other goods and services for sale.
31 This event showcases products like the best ribs from some of North Americas top ribbers, kid's activity area and adult performance, the delicious foods and much more.
32 Expo Zoo is the show for you. The popularity of this show keeps growing and exhibitors that participate recognize the unique opportunity to showcase their products. Take advantage of this event to meet with your existing clients and benefit from new business opportunities.
33 Canada Woodworking East focuses on providing educational seminars and opportunities to interact with different professionals related to the wood working industry. With more than 250 exhibiting companies and over 500 visitors, this platform is growing in popularity with every passing year. The categories of products that will exhibited here are abrasives, adhesives, grinding and sharpening, hardware to name a few.
34 Join us for a fun, family-friendly and FREE day with local vendors, live entertainment, exciting races, kids activities, health zone and a beer garden. This annual event is made possible by the support of our sponsors, volunteers and community teams. Over the past 16 years, the festival has raised over 1.85 million dollars for more than 60 charities including the Barrie Public Library.
35 FABTECH Canada is where you can meet with 300+ world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions for all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs.
36 Providence Bay Fair is an event that illustrates a wide range of product like cattle, poultry, grains, seeds, roots, vegetables, fruits, homemade wine, foods, needle crafts, quiltings, flowers, arts crafts, Christmas crafts, woodworking, photograph etc.
37 Twist Fibre Festival showcases products like the fibre world and is intended for the general public, enthusiasts, fibre producers, fleece animal breeders, transformers, artists, artisans, professionals and semiprofessionals, more than 40 workshops, activities, a textile art exhibit and more.
38 Held for a period of two consecutive days, this event namely Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show will talk about Heavy Oil Knowledge and Technology. The venue of this event is in Lloydminster, Canada and there are professional exhibitors who are going to gather here, from various corners of the world. There are cutting edge technologies which are surely going to provide the visitors with the substantial knowledge base that exhibitors bring to the show. The visitors can easily make direct contract with their respective exhibitors for a professional relationship.
39 Powder Bulk Solids Montreal is the part of the Advanced Design Manufacturing Expo that gives processing professionals the opportunity to share their challenges and solutions in person. This event will connect you with design engineers, executives, and other industry leaders with the latest technologies and innovations to enhance operations and streamline efficiency.
40 Brampton Model Railway Show gives an opportunity for Sharing the hobby and transferring the love of trains from old to young, something to ride on for the young at heart, train set give ways to kids, train set winners awards ceremony, to see actual modellers working on an HO structure, lots of model railroad layouts and even so much more etc.
41 Hac Convention Trade Show aim is to promote a political and regulatory environment that will foster a prosperous Canadian Helicopter industry and to educate members, civil servants, and the general public about issues important to the industry.
42 Muskoka In Water Boat Cottage Show is the most important specialized event of its kind. The luxury pleasure boat sector continues to expand dramatically - it now accounts for almost a fifth of global super-yacht sales. Surging luxury boat sales have, in turn, generated massive demand for mooring facilities.
43 Bala Cranberry Festival Purpose is to extend the tourist season and to improve the quality of life in our community by providing financial assistance to organizations and individuals in need. This event will display products like fruit and vegetable, Arts Crafts, food market, crafts market, food, pottery and organic products.
44 With This Ring Bridal Gala is a great opportunity for brides and their guest to visit a wide variety of exhibitors for help in planning their special day. This show will also be presented throughout the day, brides guest will be able to attend either the morning or afternoon shows. Dates and more information on our upcoming spring bridal gala are available under the Spring Gala heading etc.
45 Halifax Career Fair presents an opportunity for students and recent alumni across Nova Scotia to create meaningful connections with leading organizations, paving the way for exciting possibilities full-time, internship, or co-op. This event is not open to the general public. You must be a NS university student to attend. Student ID is required for admittance to the fair.
46 Boundary Bay Airshow will features interesting aircraft like Lockheed P-38L LIGHTNING, Nakajima KI-43 Oscar, Bearcat, Eurocopter EC 120B, Waco AQC-6, de Havilland DH 82C Tiger Moth, Yak 18, Kids Zone, Autograph Tent, variety of food options etc.
47 Esquimalt Ribfest will display products like wide variety other foods and vegetables, grilled foods, meat, clean, fresh and natural beer, music, bands, car show much more.
48 Home County Music Art Festival aims to enriches and supports the cultural life of Londons four-county community through the presentation of predominantly Canadian roots-oriented music and original crafts and art, at our annual summer festival and various events throughout the year.
49 The Niagara Spring Wedding Show provides the attendees with an opportunity to meet wedding professionals who help in planning the perfect bachelor/bachelorette parties, DJs, hair, and makeup, wedding gowns and tuxes, decorations, catering, photography and videography and more.
50 This event showcases products like ribs and chicken, great craft-brewed beer, live entertainment and unlimited fun for all ages etc.
51 Come and experience an exciting variety of Ontario VQA and International wines, spirits, craft beers, gourmet local food, specialty coffees, teas, decadent desserts as well as unique spices, sauces, and marinades. The Festival with Taste gives you the unique opportunity to sample, sip and savor a vast variety of local wines, craft beers and chef-inspired foods from the regions top restaurants, craft breweries and Ontario wineries all in one fun-filled outing! Not to mention, a great selection of international wines and spirits, bakeries and delicious food products for you to try and take home.
52 Out of Hand Fair will freature products like home decor and art, handmade craft, antique craft, paintings, handmade paintings and much more.
53 Downtown Kitchener Ribfest and Craft Beer Show is a great community event, exploding with flavors of barbequed ribs and chicken, great craft-brewed beer, with live entertainment - all in the open atmosphere of Victoria Park.
54 Toronto Dance Teacher Expo showcases products like Toronto most talented artists in the area for a 1 night showcase, favorite piece of choreography, Fashion Show, hottest and newest fashions in dance wear, footwear and costumes and even so much more etc.
55 Toronto Festival of Beer features a display of the products such as all types of beer. With gift giving season upon us, we scoured the beer interwebz and searched out some pretty cool beer gift ideas and etc.
56 Le Grand Rendez-Vous is a concrete action to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases. It is especially when you are well trained and well equipped that you can act as a leader in your workplace. Take the opportunity to share the new solutions and best practices learned at the event with your colleagues, bosses, employees, and even your loved ones.
57 Moparfest will feature members which will arrange a car show to display the members' cars and later opened it up to include all Mopars. It will display products like products like classic cars, motorcycles, sports Cars, exotics car, motorcycles, modern exotics car, and much more.
58 Spring Market showcase products and services like Fashion, Children Wear, Art, Home Decor, Skincare, Sweet Savory Treats, and more.
59 Winkler Harvest Festival is a huge, free family event that's held annually in Winkler, MB the second full weekend of August.
60 Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo features the best in comics, art, shopping, celebrities, cosplay, and programming. The event covers all types of fandom such as comics, TV, movies or anime.
61 The Brome Fair features a display of products such as fruit and vegetable growing and floriculture, tractor items, storage and cooling, agri machinery, agricultural products, agribiotech, etc.
62 Hunt Mania is the biggest and best sportsman shows in the country. It will feature latest rods and reels, new fishing lines, new bait and tackle, and all the equipment and gear.
63 At XPLOR is a platform to multiply business relations and investment opportunities, discover new knowledge and advanced technologies, and deceive our ability to advance large-scale mining exploration.
64 Dunnville Agricultural Fair serves to promote agricultural awareness in our community; to engage and educate people in conserving the importance of our rural heritage.
65 Kitchener Model Train Show and Sale will feature train sets, locomotives, transformers, rolling stock, track, structures, videos, DVDs, displays, railroad memorabilia and all the hobby supplies that you may require.
66 Montreal Comiccon is a pop-culture fan convention that showcases artists and products from entertainment genres like: Sci-fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming in all its forms, and, of course, bande dessinee and comic books. It features a large array of exhibits with several companies demonstrating their wares and a few vehicles or set pieces from film or television are on display, a shopping experience like no other, aimed at fans that are looking for games, T-Shirts, comics, toys, statues, DVDs/Blu-rays, replicas and more collector items.
67 The Word On The Street Saskatoon is a non-profit platform that celebrates Canadian reading, writing, and champions literacy primarily through a free, annual outdoor festival. It is Canada largest book and magazine festival, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy its author readings, storytelling, fun activities, and marketplace.
68 This event showcases products like New vintage comics, toys collectibles, records, CDs, VHS, DVDs, die-cast, lego, figures, and much more.
69 Dartmouth Comics Art Fest And Exhibition feature several major comic book publishers including Marvel, DC, and Dynamite, Wolverine the X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as many covers such as Spider-man the X-men and the Spiderman, etc.
70 Defsec Atlantic being one of the important events will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for a period of three days.DEFSEC Atlantic is a major networking opportunity for the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries - the second largest of its kind in Canada. Focused on showcasing Atlantic Canadian opportunities, the show's worldwide reach creates partnership potential for all attendees. Incorporating elements of both a trade show and a defence procurement conference, it provides access to the right people in an engaging and professional setting. All attendees have opportunities, through our B2B/B2G program, social events and expert panel discussions, to interact with all levels of defence, industry and government participants.
71 Education Career Fairs aims to help the students to learn about the sector and to gain detailed ideas and opportunities for the career and educational options available in the market. It helps the attendees to get information and knowledge about new ideas and detailed news associated with the sector.
72 MHA MRFA Trade Show brings together all members of the hospitality and accommodation industries such as hotels, restaurants, motels, bars, clubs, legions, cafeterias and more to experience a trade show that offers a wide variety of suppliers.
73 Halifax Career Education Settlement Immigrant Fair event will showcase like interactive activities like a resum clinic, mentoring and networking opportunities, an opportunity for newcomers, immigrant service providers, educational institutes and employers to learn etc.
74 Mountain View Arts Festival event will provides art lovers and showcases arts and culture in the region, including dancers, storytellers, musicians and songwriters, handicrafts, painters, potters, and carvers.
75 Ottawa Comiccon will feature pop culture universe: comic books, science fiction, horror, video games, movies, television, and entertainment etc.
76 The ASI Roadshow is the perfect venue to build strong relationships with not only suppliers, but your clients too. ASI members are invited to bring their clients into the sourcing process and give them a hands-on experience that will make existing business relationships even stronger.
77 Salon des frres of Quebec event is the reference in marriage in Quebec, both in terms of goodwill and the quality of our exhibitors. Indeed, industry experts have informed a large number of visitors interested in organizing a perfect wedding in their image.
78 This event showcases products like fine art, pottery, jewelry, photography, wood turning and many more related products and services etc.
79 The National Education Fair will allow young people and adults to explore multiple postsecondary training programs and career choices under one roof for two days. The National Education Fair is a great opportunity to meet and exchange face-to-face with representatives from training and education facilities and professionals from various sectors of activities.
80 Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival features a glass of wine or beer while watching the live bands play, Beer/Wine tent located across from the Entertainment tent, Lots of Childrens Activities, Garlic Competitions Garlic Braiding, Live Music All Weekend Long, Garlic Braid Competition, Garlic Tasting Competition, entertainment, garlic market area, and etc.
81 The Toronto Fall Home Show is about to restructure, restyle or recognise your space. The attendees have the opportunity to experience the latest home and interior design trends and innovation, listen to celebrity designers, watch creative demonstrations and source and buy new products. Manufacturers, importers and exporters show interest in the event.
82 Private School Expo is an event that illustrates opportunity to speak with schools, students, and parents. This event has schools that will include preschools, elementary, middle and secondary schools, boys and girls schools and private schools.Here people can meet with students and parents to understand what the school is really like.
83 Private School Expo Ottawa offers your the opportunity to learn about education choice and meet with leading local private and independent schools and some of the best boarding schools from throughout Canada and abroad. Give your child an education and experience that will help them become whoever they want to be.
84 See Your Future Education Career Fair Saskatoon event will be presented in a high-quality trade show approach with interactive display booths. The universities, colleges, and organizations with in-house training bring expertise and innovation in a variety of fields.
85 Nl Kids Expo is an interactive, informative and fun showcase for parents, grandparents, caregivers and most importantly, KIDS! The expo is the central gathering place for businesses who offer products and services to the families of Newfoundland and Labrador. The expo is primarily focused on children from infant to a pre-teen.
86 North Atlantic Fish And Workboat Show is one of Canadas largest commercial marine events. It features products and services at the heart of Atlantic Canadas marine-based industries.
87 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will feature health and fitness-based accessories, wellness, active lifestyle, bike, swimming accessories, and gear collections.
88 Merrickville Artisans Show features pine furniture, folk art, decorative items, glass, china, jewellery, books, old store items, collectibles, art glass, bottles, dolls, formal furniture, advertising, and etc.
89 Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase will provide the attendees with the opportunity to meet with wedding professionals who will provide them with the information regarding everything needed to plan a perfect wedding starting from cakes to catering, photographers, DJs, dresses, venues, tuxes, and etc.
90 Pumpkinfest features two giant Vegetable Weigh Offs, one of Ontario's largest two day outdoor Car Shows, craft marketplace vendors for all your Shopping needs and tons of family fun Attractions, Artists Village Craft Show, Eastlink Marketplace, Cinderella's Carriage Classic Carshow, Giant Tiger Kiddie Karnival, Reid's Heritage Homes Baking Contest, Photography Contest, Celebrity Seed Spitting, OPG Environment Tent, Motorcycle Show And Shine, Pub-Kin Crawl, Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic Pet Show.
91 Art Expo is the largest professional art show and sale in Manitoba, Visitors can meet and visit with participating artists at their individual booths showing and selling their art, including paintings, prints, books, sculpture, glass, photography, and textiles.
92 The Original Bridal Swap is a unique concept bringing together past brides, decorators, craft artisans and other sellers who have wedding related goods, with brides to be in a fun environment who are on the hunt for their perfect wedding treasures and dresses.
93 Saskatoon Family Expo is the largest special event for families, providing quality education, shopping, fun, and affordable family entertainment. It aims to advocate, develop, deliver and support solutions that will enable every Canadian resident to have sufficient financial resources to pursue post-secondary education.
94 Fraser Valley Wedding Festival will provide beautiful gowns, food, cake, music, photography, you name it! Join us for an afternoon of inspiring ideas to make your event original and uniquely you.
95 Whisky Beer And Spirit Festival will display of whiskey and beer, numerous musical acts, thousands of products related to beer and whiskey.
96 Go Abroad Fair is an opportunity for your organization or institution to market your unique international work, study and volunteer abroad programs to an engaged audience of University of Alberta students.
97 Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show And Sale will feature a little something for the entire family such as Snowmobile Manufacturers Corporate displays, Snowmobiles onsite, Snowmobile Parts, Clothing and Accessories, Trailers, Custom Sled displays, Tourism Destinations, Vintage Snowmobile displays, Racers Race Teams, and much more.
98 Design Engineering Expo attracts regional buying influences in design, research development, engineering, purchasing, management, maintenance, production, operations, service, etc. Where you will meet face-to-face with buyers develop new business opportunities and connect with clients and develop new leads for your business.
99 Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market will be showcasing artisans from all over BC under one roof, the Market is the perfect destination for every gift seeker. It will provide leadership by the effective use of resources to enrich our quality of life by encouraging the community to participate in and appreciate arts and cultural activities.
100 Fall Into Christmas Fine Art Handcraft Market Lethbridge, bringing together a remarkable selection of over 100 of Canadas most talented handmade artists, artisans, and designers to Exhibition Park. This event showcases products like stunning jewellery, fabulous fashions, visual art, home and garden dcor, natural body care or tasty gourmet treats and much more.