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Dataset Trade Shows List Canada 2020

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Data row number Name
1 Toronto Gift + Home Market
2 Salon Industriel de Quebec
3 Co-op and Career Fair
4 CHFA East
5 Global Petroleum Show
6 Canada's Outdoor Farm Show
7 Canada's Farm Progress Show
8 iTech Conference Montreal's
9 iTech Ottawa
10 Universal Entrepreneurship Expo
11 Esthetique Spa International-Montreal
12 Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada
13 Agri-Trade Equipment Expo
14 Ag in Motion
15 International Tourism Travel Show
16 O CannaBiz Conference Expo
17 Canada's Bridal Show
18 Bump Baby And Toddler Expo
19 Bayfield Fair
20 Powassan Fall Fair
21 See Your Future Education Career Fair Regina
22 Halifax Seaport BeerFest
23 Plein Art Quebec
24 Toronto Coin Expo - Canada's Coin Banknote Show
25 Kempenfest
26 Annual ODESSA Antique Show
27 Galiano Wine and Beer Tasting festival
28 The BC Boat Show
29 Annual Creative Craft Fair
30 Oshawa Ribfest
31 Cambridge Ribfest
32 Expo Zoo
33 Canada Woodworking East
34 Barrie Dragon Boat Festival
35 FABTECH Canada
36 Providence Bay Fair
37 Twist Fibre Festival
38 Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show
39 Powder Bulk Solids Montreal
40 Brampton Model Railway Show
41 Hac Convention Trade Show
42 Muskoka In Water Boat Cottage Show
43 Bala Cranberry Festival
44 With This Ring Bridal Gala
45 Halifax Universities Career Fair
46 Boundary Bay Airshow
47 Esquimalt RibFest
48 Home County Music Art Festival
49 Niagara Wedding Show
50 Kingston Ribfest And Craft Beer Show
51 Food Drink Fest
52 Out of Hand Modern Market
53 Downtown Kitchener Ribfest And Craft Beer Show
54 Toronto Dance Teacher Expo
55 Toronto Festival of Beer
56 Le Grand Rendez-Vous
57 Moparfest
58 Portobello West Family Fun Fest
59 Winkler Harvest Festival
60 Saskatoon Entertainment Expo
61 Brome Fair
62 Hunt Mania
63 Xplor
64 Dunnville Agricultural Fair
65 Kitchener Model Train Show and Sale
66 Montreal Comic Con
67 The Word On The Street Saskatoon
68 Kelowna Collectibles Show
69 Dartmouth Comics Art Fest And Exhibition
70 Defsec Atlantic
71 Education Career Fairs
72 MHA MRFA Trade Show
73 Halifax Career Education Settlement Immigrant Fair
74 Mountain View Arts Festival
75 Ottawa Comiccon
76 ASI Advantages Roadshow Toronto
77 Salon De La Mariee De Quebec
78 Buckhorn Festival of the Arts
79 The National Education Fair
80 Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival
81 Toronto Fall Home Show
82 Private School Expo Halton-Peel
83 Private School Expo Ottawa
84 See Your Future Education Career Fair Saskatoon
85 Nl Kids Expo
86 North Atlantic Fish And Workboat Show
87 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Exhibition
88 Merrickville Antique Artisans Show
89 Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase
90 Pumpkinfest
91 Art Expo Manitoba
92 Original Bridal Swap
93 Saskatoon Family Expo
94 Fraser Valley Wedding Festival
95 Whisky Beer And Spirit Festival
96 Go Abroad Fair
97 Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show
98 Design Engineering Expo
99 Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market
100 Signatures Fall Into Christmas