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Dataset Trade Shows List Germany 2020

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Data row number Description
1 ITB Berlin is the foremost business platform for global touristic offers. This is where companies and organizations meet, as well as top decision-makers, experts, buyers and young professionals from every touristic area: Hotels, tourism organizations, tour operators, travel agencies, transport companies, booking portals, systems providers and all the others.
2 MEDICA is the leading international trade fair for the medical sector. For this aim, it will be necessary to restructure and sort some focal areas. The goal of increasing the attractiveness of it for the attendees as an exhibitor and for our international specialist visitors is always the driving force / motor / motivation for this change for us.
3 Automechanika Frankfurt brings industry, retail, and workshops together in one place. It is the most important trade fair for the automotive aftermarket. It will highlight new innovations and solutions in the fields of parts, systems, tuning, workshop equipment, bodywork paintwork, car wash, IT Management, and the latest automobile services.
4 Electronica Germany is one of the largest trade fairs among the industry dealing with electronics and showcases the latest technologies related to the electronics from the top most companies. The expo provides the perfect business opportunity to its members, visitors, and exhibitor coming from all over the world. Electronica Germany will be attended by different industry groups from all over the world. It has special offers for visitors on the most recent and high-end innovations of the world. This exceptional show has an International appeal drawing people from all over the world.
5 InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology in Berlin. A unique feature of InnoTrans is it's outdoor and track display area, where everything from tank wagons to high-speed trains is displayed on track.
6 Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, with a solid presence of exhibitors and visitors from all five continents and the high demand from a trade of the areas of interior design, design, and architecture show that this fair has become an important ingredient for manufacturers, distributors, buyers and decision makers. The event offers a wide range of home textiles of bath, bed, and table textiles to product offerings for windows, upholstery, floors, walls and sun protection.
7 Light + Building is a show of international stature that presents the latest in daylight technology decorative lighting and technology, electrical and electronic devices, electric lamps, insulation controls, LED lighting systems, energy management and control systems and much more. This show is specifically organized in the lines of intelligent sustainability, smart powered buildings, people and lights and within these specified themes presents an array of innovative products and systems. With a complete focus on the latest trends in the lighting industry, this event transforms into the showground of the latest solutions and systems.
8 TrendSet Munich Trade Fair is a platform where large and small, industry leaders, niche suppliers, and newcomers present the entire variety of trend-setting products from the world of interiors and lifestyle. The event specializes in interiors and trend-setting lifestyle products aimed at wooing international attendees and lifestyle product enthusiasts.
9 EuroTier event will cover areas like feed and other farm inputs, husbandry and feeding techniques, animal housing and shed construction, milking and cooling technology, controlled environment and environment technology, transport vehicles, transport services and much more.
10 IDS is the leading global trade fair for the dental community, which ensures sustainable success as a platform for innovation and market trends. This event showcases products like presented a wealth of innovations, product developments, and services etc.
11 IAA Commercial Vehicles is the world's most important platform for the commercial vehicle industry. IAA Commercial Vehicles focus on megatrends of electric mobility, digitization and urban logistics at manufacturers of commercial vehicles and buses, in the trailer sector and at the many suppliers. Experience the world of buses, vans, trucks, trailers and bodies in all their facets.
12 The spoga+gafa takes place every years in Cologne and is the leading international trade fair for the garden and leisure industry. At the spoga+gafa in Cologne the visitors can expect exhibition areas such as garden living, garden care, garden creation, garden basic and the new premium area garden unique with a fascinating variety of trends, ideas and products.
13 EXPO REAL is Europe's largest real estate and investment trade fair. Gathering all important sectors-from concept, design, investment and financing to realization, marketing, operation and use-it represents the whole supply chain of the global real estate industry.
14 The A+A is an international platform that focuses on how to tackle these changes as the globally leading trade fair for safety, security, and health at work. It makes an active contribution to progress and innovation to the benefit of people and companies.
15 Fakuma event is extremely well-attended and serves as a convenient common platform for direct interaction between exhibitors and visiting participants. Fakuma is the world leader here as well as extrusion and thermoforming, in which it also holds a leading position. Whether raw materials, processing machines, peripherals, automation solutions or C technology.
16 IFA Berlin is the most-visited and one of the oldest Industrial exhibition in Europe. This event provides for the opportunity to explore emerging trends and celebrate the premieres of new technologies and products in the electronics electrical goods industry.
17 The EuroBLECH is the world's largest Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain: sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products, handling, separation, forming, flexible sheet metal working, joining, welding, tube/section processing, surface treatment, processing of hybrid structures, tools, machine elements, quality control, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, factory equipment and RD. As the worlds leading exhibition for the sheet metal working industry, EuroBLECH offers a global platform for the presentation of the latest technology to a specialised audience of the industrys key purchasers and decision makers.
18 IWA Outdoor Classics with its exclusive display of guns, gun parts, and gun securities, ammunition for hunting and sport, optics and electronics for outdoors, outdoor materials, knives, gifts, shooting accessories, clothing, hunting accessories, electronic products and many more related to arms and weapons. The event is a great platform to establish new business relations and connections and is widely recognized as the most important trade show for hunting guns and shooting sports and is also a great platform to reach out to the target audiences.
19 BEAUTY Dusseldorf specializes in beauty products and services, cosmetics, cosmetic accessories, nail care products, makeup accessories, makeup services, spa products, wellness products, spa and wellness services, sun prevention products, foot care products, nail and foot treatments and other skin care products and accessories. The event has been providing awesome opportunities to the exhibitors and allows them to connect them with a large number of people and visitors. It happens to be a must visit by all in the Apparel Clothing, Cosmetics and Beauty Products, Gems Jewelry, Leather Leather Products, Textile, Fabrics Yarns, Lifestyle Fashion, Fashion industries.
20 EUROBIKE is the undisputed leading global trade show for the bike business where the bike industry gets networked, wins over its trading partners and presents itself to the media. The event provides a platform where trends emerge and ground-breaking innovations celebrate their premiere appearances.
21 GaLaBau is the leading trade fair for landscaping, maintenance and construction of urban and green spaces and sports grounds, golf courses and playgrounds. It is the only exhibition to offer the entire range of products from plants to machines in one place. More than 64,000 visitors and more than 1,300 exhibitors underscore GaLaBaus high standing in the booming gardening and landscaping segment. The trade visitors are companies from the horticulture, landscape gardening and open spaces construction sectors, landscape architects as well as planners from government, state and municipal authorities. GaLaBau features exciting presentation areas, special shows and lectures.
22 Glasstec Trade Fair will discover the unlimited variety of possibilities of glass at Glasstec. Nowhere else is the utilization potential of this high-tech material presented in such a comprehensive fashion. The trade fair provides a unique spectrum of offers dealing with the entire glass value-added chain.
23 The Munich Show is one of the most important trading platforms for jewelry and gemstones in Europe. The product range extends from first-class raw materials through fine colored gemstones to jewelery, design and individual jewelery, watches, and accessories.
24 The Kind + Jugend is the international leading trade fair for premium baby and toddler products, Only a few industries are as keen on innovation as the world of baby and children's outfitting: thousands of new products and a never-ending series of new trends find their way into children's rooms worldwide, and exciting ideas for parents and children are conquering the market everywhere. The trend here too is also increasingly toward design, quality, and not least environmental consciousness and sustainability.
25 The Motek is the worlds leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology, and industrial handling. As such, Motek is the only trade fair to clearly focus on all aspects of mechanical engineering and automation and on the presentation of entire process chains.
26 The Beauty Forum Munich event showcases products like Cosmetics, personal care cosmetics, treatment apparatus, colour cosmetics, personal care, technical equipment, perfumes, foot care preparations, pedicure tools, Nail design, permanent make-up, solariums, solar cosmetics, cabin equipment, shop equipment etc.
27 The Gamescom is the leading European trade fair for digital gaming culture is the meeting point for global companies from the entertainment industry and the international gaming community. The gamescom brings together industry, commerce and media as well as insider, publishers and developers. The focus is on building and maintaining business relationships and contacts. The spatial division in the areas of entertainment and business attracts and includes both visitors, professional and private ones.
28 FIBO Global Fitness is an expo for sports, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. The event focuses on its primary objective of ensuring a healthy lifestyle at affordable prices. The event deals with thousands of dealers, manufacturers, distributors, and buyers in India. The event generates an overwhelming number of trade leads which helps in building a formidable place in Indian fitness and Wellness. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are focused to live a healthy lifestyle. This event shows products like HydroMassage, Total Gym GTS, Vario Mobi of Mobitrain, etc. in the wellness, health fitness industry.
29 CeMAT in Hannover is the world's leading trade fair for the intralogistics industry, which covers the areas of hoists, cranes, forklifts, warehouse equipment, logistics systems and software. It has established itself internationally as the most important industry gathering and has created successful satellite fairs in China, India, Russia and South America. No other sector has such great savings and rationalization potentials and is constantly striving to offer more effective solutions. An integral part of the exhibition is a complete network of different processes, jobs, charge carriers, packing units and products. In this context, the Internet and intelligent software is becoming more and more important, because it is needed in order to achieve an efficient linkage and networking of all systems. The key is safe and reliable technique which is main exhibition focus particularly at CeMAT, ranging from complete systems and intralogistical products on processors and operating elements to software and control systems. The exhibition is divided into five sections: Pick Pack, Move Lift, Store Load, Logistics IT, Manage Service and pays special attention to the latest innovations and technologies of the industry. Internationally, it is considered as the information and communication platform with global expertise.
30 BrauBeviale is the most important international capital goods exhibition for the whole beverage production process chain: raw materials, technologies, logistics, and marketing. Small and medium enterprises and global players from Europe and the rest of the world used the creative atmosphere at BrauBeviale to develop solutions. It has long been one of the leading European exhibitions for the production and marketing of beer and non-alcoholic drinks.
31 Security Essen is World Forum for Security and Fire Protection, Products such as surveillance systems, intruder alarms, access control, biometrics, security, and fire alarm systems, IT security, armored vehicles, fire protection systems and much more.
32 The INTERMOT Cologne is an international motorcycle, scooter and e-bike fair. INTERMOT Cologne features Motorized vehicles, trailers and sidecars, components and accessories for motorcycles, Engines and components, electrical equipment, clothing, motorcyclists gear, machines, tools, workshop and shop equipment, miscellaneous, raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging materials, lubricants, gear-box/transmission oil, care products, tourism, associate groups etc.
33 The International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology is the industry's most important marketplace. It brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, and users from around the world. It features an extensive range of solutions for the entire value chain in industrial and research laboratories. Its diverse range of exhibits gives participants a perfect overview of innovations and best-practice examples.
34 Chillventa brings together compressors, heat exchangers, fans or systems, the industry, wholesale trade, professional associations and research meet to discuss the most important questions on refrigeration, ac ventilation and heat pumps.
35 ALUMINIUM is the world's leading trade show and B2B-platform for the aluminium industry and its main applications. It is the must-attend event for the aluminium industry and a powerful sourcing platform by uniting producers, processors and also end-consumers as well as technology suppliers.
36 DMEXCO is the meeting place for all key decision makers in digital business, marketing, and innovation. It aims to be the world's leading digital marketing ecosystem. It becomes the central meeting point for all important decision-makers in the digital economy, where ideas are used to generate concrete business.
37 Vocatium Saarbrucken bring the training companies, technical colleges and institutions together with potential apprentices and / or students as well as people interested in further education - in mostly prepared, scheduled discussions.
38 The MUNICH FABRIC START is an international fabric trade fair. Various exercises of spinning, non-woven, weaving, knitting, buttons, trims, jewellery components, fastenings, hang tags, garment making, testing, software as well as dyestuff and chemicals, etc. in the Manufacturing, Fabrication, Repair Maintenance, Textile, Fabrics Yarns industries get limelight, thanks to this show. This event defines Trends and innovations in buttons, trims, jewellery components, fastenings, hang tags and a range of other functional and decorative accessories and solutions.
39 photokina is all about photos and films, here you can find out how to do a lot more with your photos and films. This event brings exciting products and innovations under one roof and display wide ranges of products from cameras and camcorders, scanners, camera accessories, digital storage media, films, photographic studio equipment, professional camera and lighting systems, image processing software, digital imaging and publishing, major and minilabs, image kiosk systems, online picture services, frames and albums, photo-fun-products, home printing, large-format printing and services.
40 Rehacare is one of the world's leading international trade fairs for rehabilitation, prevention, care, and inclusion. The fair is the information and communication platform for people with disabilities, with the need for nursing care, for the elderly and the chronically ill people. Whether mobility and daily living aids, outpatient or inpatient care aids, communication equipment, barrier-free living concepts or sports, travel and leisure ideas, visitors of the Rehacare will find everything under one roof.
41 The RDA Group Travel Expo is the leading international trade fair for coach and group tourism and the industry event for companies in the European coach market. This comprehensive cross-section of offers, destinations and ancillary services has established the RDA Group Travel Expos as international purchasing and sales exhibitions.
42 International Suppliers Fair is Europe's leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry and represents the entire automotive value chain. It is a major gathering for decision-makers in the industry. It is a top marketplace for pioneering innovations and offers a comprehensive and sophisticated programme of accompanying events. The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is aimed at all automotive industry suppliers and has a prominent reputation in international professional circles. The high-quality exhibitors and large number of key decision-makers and trade visitors that attend the IZB make it an important communication and business platform for the industry.
43 POWTECH Expo is the leading trade fair for experts in powder and bulk solids technology! It is the presentation platform for innovations and further developments around processes which produce and process quality products from powder, granulate, bulk material and liquid. It covers the entire spectrum of powder and bulk solids technology from fine to coarse, from life science to pit and quarry.
44 The Gallery FASHION is the International Fashion Trade Show. The event will offers the possibility to present all segments - Agencies and Premium Brands, Contemporary, Design and Avantgarde, Accessories and Shoes as well as Evening Occasion - in one place at the same time.
45 The Supreme Women Men Munich features a display of products like ladies wear and menswear collections, selected accessories and footwear labels, a broad-based order platform for the high-end to exclusive genre, but also for progressive label etc.
46 Sinojobs Career Days Munchen will be offering ideal contact and conversation possibilities with esteemed companies. The exhibiting companies are mostly European companies with operations in China, companies that are interested in contacting and attracting well trained Chinese students and professionals who have studied or worked in Europe and are ready to return to China for their next career development step.
47 Sinojobs Career Days Dusseldorf will be offering ideal contact and conversation possibilities with esteemed companies. The exhibiting companies are mostly European companies with operations in China, companies that are interested in contacting and attracting well trained Chinese students and professionals who have studied or worked in Europe and are ready to return to China for their next career development step.
48 Technorama Ulm will feature products like classic cars, bikes, and their parts will be showcased here.
49 The iENA Nuremberg is an International Trade Fair Ideas, Inventions, New Products the professional marketplace for ideas and inventions and the leading trade fair of contacts and excellent opportunities for inventors and representatives of trade and industry.
50 ORGATEC is the leading international trade fair for equipment and furnishing of offices and properties. ORGATEC features encompass everything which contributes to the perfect interplay between work environment, work processes, and working culture and actually makes creative ideas for the future possible etc.
51 The COSMETICA is an international trade fair for the cosmetics industry, which takes place once a year in Stuttgart and is only accessible to trade visitors with legitimacy. The COSMETICA Stuttgart will display products like Appreciative and decorative cosmetics, lashes, natural cosmetics, permanent make-up, nail design, modeling, foot care, podiatry, appliances, accessories, wellness and much more.
52 Tarmstedter Ausstellung features around 100,000 visitors flock to the approximately 18-hectare exhibition grounds on the outskirts of the village, where about 750 exhibitors present innovations in agricultural technology, agriculture, rural living, garden, leisure and renewable energy.
53 For 24 years, the CWIEME exhibition and programmes has been at the forefront of the global electric motor, generator, transformers and EV market. This world-renowned event provides the largest platform to showcase the latest high-end products solutions and thought-leaders focused on electric motors, transformers and generators technologies across three regions - EMEA, Asia and Americas.
54 The CARAVAN SALON in Dusseldorf is one of the largest trade fair. Caravan Salon Dusseldorf will display products like Caravans / Trailers, motorhomes, basic vehicles, extension parts and components for caravans and motor caravans, tents, and accessories, and much more.
55 COMPAMED is the world's leading platform for state-of-the-art medical technology. Together with exciting newcomers, the most important companies in the industry will demonstrate the products and technology concepts that will have a lasting impact on the industry in the coming months. The focus will be on innovative materials, forward-looking components and new services. In recent years, COMPAMED has developed into a global hotspot for complex high-tech solutions in microtechnology and nanotechnology.
56 SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide. The event will display products sensor elements, sensors, sensor systems, components and materials, measuring systems, equipment, components and software laboratory, measuring equipment, calibration and analytical equipment, testing, inspection and monitoring systems.
57 Connecticum Job Fair provides the job-seeking candidates with the opportunity to meet recruiters, employers and hiring managers, get interviewed and hired in renowned companies and organizations.
58 The expopharm is an international pharmaceutical trade fair, which has established itself as a leading European trade fair for the pharmacy sector. The features of machinery equipment for the treatment of pharma raw materials, analytical instruments lab reagents, testing instruments, microscopes, weighing machines, active pharma ingredients, tableting capsulation unit and etc.
59 TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL features a display of hair products, hair care cosmetics and products, hairdressing products and materials, hairdressing kits and accessories, wellness products and other hair relates products and accessories. The event exhibits the coolest styles and trends in hair care and has been reaching out to massive population.
60 Cosmetic Business is the only international trade fair in Europe where the cosmetics industry exclusively meets its suppliers and finds solutions for the development of all cosmetic products from the active ingredient to manufacture and packaging. As the only industry meeting point in Germany, the largest cosmetics market in Europe, the B2B trade fair as a trend barometer is indispensable for decision-makers from management, product management and development, marketing as well as purchasing and production.
61 SMTconnect is the only event in Europe that brings together people and technologies from the areas of development, production, services, and applications in connection with electronic assemblies and systems. The event strives to be a meeting place for all the areas involved in microelectronic production, including electronic manufacturing services.
62 The Global Automotive Components Suppliers Expo features an exhibit of high-performance plastic compounds, composites and resins, manufacturing partners, complete braking systems, power train components, HVAC systems, hydraulic solutions, suspension technologies, rubber products, transmission components, and much more.
63 The Automotive Testing Expo Europe exhibits test simulation, NVH analysis, occupant/pedestrian safety, track simulation and laboratory testing, vehicle dynamics testing, aerodynamic and wind tunnel testing, electrical system testing, reliability/life-cycle testing, automated test equipment, and much more.
64 The Automotive Interiors Expo offers the attendees with an amazing line-up of exhibits showing the latest vehicle interior technologies and services that are designed to ensure that the highest standards are met in terms of product quality, reliability, durability, and safety.
65 Gallery SHOES is the international fashion trade show for footwear and accessories. This event shows products like fashion shoes, indoor shoes, casual shoes, sport shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, sandals, slippers, work shoes, snow boots, hiking shoes, rubber shoes etc. in the Leather Leather Products, Lifestyle Fashion industries.
66 The International Trade Fair for Retail Promotions and Imports (IAW) is trade fair for ordering promotional products, seasonal pulse items, trend articles and the volume business. It features exhibits of food, cosmetics, textiles, toys, electronic goods, household goods, gardening products, seasonal trend-led products, DIY, Private Label and many more.
67 INTERNET WORLD EXPO is Europe's leading e-commerce trade show and presents visitors with the latest trends, the latest technologies, renowned experts and numerous highlights. Well-known exhibitors present their products and services, the main focuses of the fair include e-commerce, multichannel, online marketing, logistics, software, e-payment, usability, and social media.
68 The Stone+tec is a longstanding and successful trade fair forum for the natural stone industry. Stone+tec convinces: with its clear focus on the natural stone sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the neighboring countries and an extensive spectrum of products in the segments of natural stone, technology and gravestones.
69 Since its debut in 2012, ASIA APPAREL EXPO has established its reputation as a convenient marketplace for European buyers to see, select and source from the reliable and price-competitive MADE IN ASIA apparel and work wear manufacturers on show. If you source production and supply from Asian manufacturers, join us in February 2020 and meet with experienced clothing and footwear suppliers working with European companies on finished garments, contract manufacturing and private label development.
70 The Update Hematology / Oncology Conference will cover areas like hematologists, oncologists, primary care physicians, oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the management of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.
71 Locations Stuttgart Region aims to discover new locations, to get in touch with exciting entertainment venues etc. It a large number of networking opportunities and a varied program for visitors and exhibitors on a trade fair day, organizer Nicole Weimer is delighted, and a new location, new exhibitors and a new concept will enrich the Locations. What are the new approaches and developments in the meeting and event industry, and how can they be adapted and implemented? Interactive workshops make visitors a part of the event. Experiences can be exchanged in different sessions. And experts give the participants real learnings and concrete tips for their event business.
72 Ham Radio serves as a platform where radio enthusiasts can get together and exchange information and experience. It features demonstrations on space stations, satellites, reflections which amateur radio contacts with space, instruction and further education for amateur radio enthusiasts.
73 Lifestyle Brook provides the opportunity to the attendees to find an extensive range of plants, tips from gardeners and landscape gardeners, but also fashion, jewelry, accessories, furniture, interior design ideas, decorative cosmetics, culinary delights and much more.
74 Sicherheits Expo Munchen is designed to bring the latest security technology into the limelight so that organizations, as well as individuals, can take a closer look at the latest security systems. Exhibitors and visitors at this event would be able to interact with each other and would be able to develop new professional relations that can help in future business developments to a large extent.
75 The Ramstein Air Base Tech Expo focuses on cybersecurity, unified communications, open source software solutions, satellite communications, intelligence analytics, video telecommunications, data protection, cloud computing much more.
76 JUBI Youth Education Fair offers you the opportunity to get advice on various financing options such as scholarships. At the fair education experts and former program participants will advise you at the fair and answer your questions. In this way, you can get to know the organizations personally and find the right offer for you.
77 MedtecLive brings together companies in the medical device supply chain to share ideas, meet partners, and discover, experience and source products services from all stages of production in order to create the next generation of medical devices.
78 Borsentag Kompakt event will display products like a combined exhibition and lecture event for private investors, which briefly compressed and information free of charge about current investment and market issues, a broad range of lectures and information about market and investment and even so much more etc.
79 Student Exchange Fair offers the attendees comprehensive information, the exhibition of the leading reputable German exchange organizations, school consultants, and language travel providers, Lectures by experts, Experience reports of former program participants, Stay abroad after graduation, Scholarships and funding opportunities, Study opportunities at international universities etc.
80 Around the House, where issues associated with modern construction and renovation today have become so diverse that several experts from a wide range of trades have to be consulted. And experts are also needed to show ways of doing the most effective way of renovating the house. From the thermal insulation of the house facades to modern condensing technology for boilers to the savings potential that current solar systems offer thanks to the use of renewable energy in hot water preparation - the interested trade fair visitor meets concentrated know-how all around the house.
81 Lab - Supply Berlin presents the newest innovations in laboratory technology. In addition to that, professionals are holding business lectures -for example- how to increase the efficiency of laboratories. Specialists from the areas of environmental-, food- and industrial analytics, biochemistry, gene technology, molecular- and cell biology, medical diagnosis, and pharmacology can find relevant contacts and free expert advice.
82 Lasys Expo will feature Laser production systems, Laser specific components and subsystems, Metalworking, metal processing industryPrecision and Precision Engineering etc.
83 Youth Education Travel Fairs provide a platform for experts on study abroad programmes and academic exchanges at public private high schools and boarding schools, language courses abroad and language summer camps at home, study abroad programmes for university students, masters programmes, summer schools.
84 Master And More Fair Stuttgart event is an opportunity to get a first overview of study options to orient you and to ask specific questions on the spot. Using the online registration and your individual Organizer you can find certainly your matching master program at the fair etc.
85 All About Automation Friedrichshafen is the latest state of the art in industrial automation technology. Automation tasks are competently and personally discussed and solved in a relaxed atmosphere.
86 Recruiting Day Berlin is aimed at all change-willing engineers and IT specialists, whether young professionals or professionals. In addition to the opportunity to meet potential employers, attendees can also attend exciting lectures or take advantage of many free offers such as the individual career counseling and the application photo shoot.
87 Whiskyherbst event showcases products like The Berlin Thistle Pipes and Drums with traditional pipe music, Clover and The Aberlour's with Scottish-Irish folk-rock and lots, etc. In the Wine spirits industry.
88 Hero Market Berlin is a platform where you have the opportunity to inform, to taste and of course to buy. In keeping with the beginning of the pre-Christmas season, you will not only find eco-fair gifts for your loved ones but much more. The range of services covers almost all areas of life Food Enjoyment, Textiles Cosmetics, Living Lifestyle, Travel Mobility, Finance Insurance and much more.
89 The belektro trade show is a proven industry platform for new product launches. Electricity is the key element when it comes to building services engineering. Switches, connectors and other electrical products are essential to modern applications.
90 Jubi Youth Education Fair Dresden feature exchange organizations, organizers, and agencies from all over Germany will be providing information on all facets of stays abroad on the Jubi Tour and presenting their programs and scholarship offers.
91 Koelnmesse will once again be the center and starting point of the ninth Ford Marathonmesse Cologne a sports event that's full of fun, excitement and sports highlights. And the Marathon Trade Fair will be right in the middle of things.
92 HartereiKongress is the largest industry meeting for the heat treatment industry in Europe. As a symposium with a top-class program and a renowned trade fair, the HrtereiKongress combines knowledge and practice in a unique way. Each year about 500 professionals attend the congress. This year again more than 200 companies from Germany and abroad presented themselves at the exhibition. Use this forum for the optimal presentation of your company and the professional exchange.
93 Infotag Dental Frankfurt event will showcase products like surgical equipment, radiology machines, tooth care products, tooth whitening products and other equipment and products that come in handy in the profession of dentistry etc.
94 Welcome to the world's biggest tri - the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon. To make sure we offer you just the right personal challenge there are a number of competitions for you to choose from: The sprint distance (0,5km/20km/5km), the olympic distance (1,5km/40km/10km) or the relay together with your friends, family or colleagues. The spectacular and highlight packed course leads you through the city center along Alster, Elbchaussee and Rathausmarkt.
95 4 Kids Only is offered around the child for different ages. The product range extends from used clothing and accessories for sizes 50-176, books, cradles, wheels, scooters, bicycles, buggies, strollers to cabinets, chests of drawers and other children's furniture.
96 Jubi Youth Education Fair Cologne is a special fairs on the topic of education abroad is coming to the cathedral city. Exchange organizations, organizers and agencies from all over Germany will be providing information on all facets of stays abroad on the JuBi tour and presenting their programs and scholarship offers.
97 International Trade Fair For Equestrian Sports, Regardless of whether leisure time or competition sport, classic or baroque, riding or driving - the specialised trade can find everything called for in the shops and online at spoga horse. In the autumn, international exhibitors present the entire range of the equestrian sport industry - from stable equipment, to care products, through to saddlery goods. spoga horse autumn is the leading global trade fair for equestrian sports.
98 Chemspec Europe provides the ideal platform for companies from the fine and speciality chemicals industry to present their new products and solutions as well as to identify synergies and business opportunities.
99 Occupations live Cologne attracts pupils from schools in the whole of Cologne, Dsseldorf, and Bonn to the city of measurement. Exhibitors are numerous large universities and renowned companies, as well as private educational providers, institutions and language tour organizers. It explains what types of degree programs exist and what students are all about.
100 Bauen Sanieren Eigenheim - Schwerin is the meeting place for construction professionals and those interested in construction in West Mecklenburg. A broad range of products and services in the areas of new construction, existing real estate, refurbishment, modernization, financing and security, interior design and exterior design meets interested demand, diverse demands and growing demand.