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Dataset Trade Shows List Germany 2020

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Data row number Name
1 ITB Berlin
3 Automechanika Frankfurt
4 Electronica Germany
5 InnoTrans
6 Heimtextil
7 Light + Building
8 TrendSet
9 EuroTier
10 International Dental Show
11 IAA Commercial Vehicles
12 spoga + gafa
14 A+A International Trade Fair
15 Fakuma
16 IFA Berlin
17 International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition
18 IWA Outdoor Classics
19 BEAUTY Dusseldorf
21 GaLaBau
22 Glasstec Trade Fair
23 The Munich Show
24 Kind + Jugend
25 Motek
27 Gamescom
28 FIBO Global Fitness
29 CeMAT Hannover
30 BrauBeviale
31 Security Essen
32 INTERMOT Cologne
33 International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology
34 Chillventa
37 Vocatium Saarbrucken
38 Munich Fabric Start
39 photokina
40 Rehacare International
41 RDA Group Travel Expo
42 International Suppliers Fair
44 Gallery FASHION
45 Supreme Women Men
46 Sinojobs Career Days Munchen
47 Sinojobs Career Days Dusseldorf
48 Technorama Ulm
49 iENA Nuremberg
51 COSMETICA Stuttgart
52 Tarmstedter Ausstellung
53 CWIEME Berlin
54 CARAVAN SALON Dusseldorf
55 COMPAMED Trade Fair
57 Connecticum Job Fair
58 expopharm
60 Cosmetic Business
61 SMTconnect
62 Global Automotive Components Suppliers Expo
63 Automotive Testing Expo Europe
64 Automotive Interiors Expo
65 Gallery SHOES
66 International Trade Fair for Retail Promotios and Imports
68 Stone+ tec Nuremberg
70 Update Hematology / Oncology Conference
71 Locations Stuttgart Region
72 Ham Radio
73 Lifestyle Brook
74 Sicherheits Expo Munchen
75 Ramstein AB Tech Expo
76 JUBI Youth Education Fair
77 MedtecLive
78 Borsentag kompakt
79 The Student Exchange Fair
80 Around the House
81 Lab - Supply Berlin
82 Lasys Expo
83 The Youth Education Fair
84 Master And More Fair Stuttgart
85 All About Automation Friedrichshafen
86 Recruiting Day Berlin
87 Whiskyherbst
88 Hero Market Berlin
89 Belektro Expo
90 Jubi Youth Education Fair Dresden
91 Marathon Messe Cologne
92 HartereiKongress
93 Infotag Dental Frankfurt
94 World Triathlon Hamburg
95 4 Kids Only
96 The Youth Education Fair
97 International Trade Fair For Equestrian Sports
98 Chemspec Europe
99 Occupations live Cologne
100 Bauen Sanieren Eigenheim - Schwerin