Dividend Growth Warren Buffet Style 'Magic Aristocrats' Screening Results

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Have you ever wondered what is Warren Buffet's investment secret ? Warren Buffet is a very disciplined investor.
The core of his philosophy is to invest in stocks which are long dividend growers, and hold the stocks for the long run.
Dividend growth investing makes sense for long run investors for several reasons:
First, it is very difficult (actually impossible) to predict the behavior of the stock market.
Second, very few past characteristics of companies and stocks are predictive of the future.
Two features are predictive of future performance: ROE and dividend growth.
The Magic Aristocrat Dividend Growth screener identifies stocks which have a very high probability to increase their dividends in the future.
Basically, by following this investment philosophy, you will collect ever increasing paychecks. And you can forget about the rest.
How it works:
The screener checks around 7000 stocks on the US stock market and returns a list of 40 stocks which pass a list of stringent financial criteria.
In order to make the screener, stocks have to show a long history of dividend growth. Leverage should be reasonnable, we look for buy backs and of course, free cash flows should cover the dividends.
The screeners then rank the passing stocks by increasing valuation ratios. Magic Aristocrats is about quality first, and price second.
You can allocate your portfolio evenly along the 40 stocks that are returned by the screener. Actually, picking 20 stocks out of 40 will work well too.
It is not necessary to day trade. We recommend that you reallocate once or twice a year. It will cost you less trading fees and the performances will be good. It makes sense: your stocks will increase their dividends if you hold them !
We do not garanty that your portfolio will beat the stock market. You will also have some volatility, and investing in stocks is always risky. But on the long run, your assets should be doing fine, and produce ever increasing cash flows.For move information, you can visit the value investing strategies website

Number of Data columns : 6 Number of Data rows : 80
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Data row number Ticker Company Name Price Target number of shares Target value of holdings Percentage of Portfolio

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Ticker text
Company Name text
Price double precision
Target number of shares integer
Target value of holdings double precision
Percentage of Portfolio double precision

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