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Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


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# integer
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Liste des grossiste combustible du departement Ain(01) en France


Liste des grossiste combustible du departement Ain(01) en France. Cette liste a été constituée en utilisant le fichier de la base SIREN fournie par l'INSEE.
Code NAF de grossiste combustible : 46.71Z : Commerce de gros (commerce interentreprises) de combustibles et de produits annexes. Nombre de grossiste combustible: Le departement Ain(01) a 23 grossiste combustible.
Le nombre d'habitants du departement Ain est de 656955.
Densité de grossiste combustible: en Ain, il y a 28563.26 habitants par grossiste combustible.
Le pouvoir d'achat quotidien potentiel moyen de la zone de chalandise par grossiste combustible en Ain est de: 95197.83 €.
Le fichier disponible 'Densité rentabilité grossiste combustible France par département' est disponible sur Basedig et fourni des analyses de rentabilité potentielles par activité pour ce type d'activité.
Basedig fourni egalement des analyses sur la croissance du nombre de grossiste combustible ainsi que des alertes mensuelles fournissant des listes précises de création de grossiste combustible par département dans toute la France. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations.
Les fichiers d'entreprises disponibles sur Basedig peuvent être utilisés pour réaliser des études de marché, pour la prospection, le démarchage, la réalisation de business plan, le planning stratégique de réseaux de vente ou de franchise. D'autres listes et fichiers pour d'autres types d'activités et d'unités légales de la base SIREN et d'autres départements sont disponibles sur Basedig. Des analyses du potentiel économique, avec des données précises de chiffre d'affaire, de croissance, de nombre d'employés et de profitabilité par département peuvent également être téléchargées. Cet annuaire est disponible en téléchargement. Il est possible de le télécharger sous forme de fichier Excel, fichier CSV ou JSON.

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Academic Ranking of World Universities - Global rankings - Overall - PCP


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. PCP PCP * * ^ Not applicable to institutions specialized in humanities and social sciences whose N&S scores are relocated to other indicators. ^ ^ Not applicable to institutions specialized in humanities and social sciences whose N&S scores are relocated to other indicators. Reception Reception ARWU is praised by several media and institutions for its methodology and influence. A survey on higher education published by The Economist in 2005 commented ARWU as 'the most widely used annual ranking of the world's research universities.' In 2010, The Chronicle of Higher Education called ARWU 'the best known and most influential global ranking of universities'. EU Research Headlines reported the ARWU's work on 31 December 2003: 'The universities were carefully evaluated using several indicators of research performance.' Chancellor of University of Oxford, Chris Patten and former Vice Chancellor of Australian National University, Ian Chubb, said: 'the methodology looks fairly solid ... it looks like a pretty good stab at a fair comparison.' and 'The SJTU rankings were reported quickly and widely around the world... (and they) offer an important comparative view of research performance and reputation.' respectively. Philip G. Altbach named ARWU's 'consistency, clarity of purpose, and transparency' as significant strengths. While ARWU has originated in China, the ranking have been praised for being unbiased towards Asian institutions. The Economist The Chronicle of Higher Education Criticism Criticism The ranking is condemned for 'relying too much on award factors' thus undermining the importance of quality of instruction and humanities. A 2007 paper published in the journal Scientometrics found that the results from the Shanghai rankings could not be reproduced from raw data using the method described by Liu and Cheng. A 2013 paper in the same journal finally showed how the Shanghai ranking results could be reproduced. In a report from April 2009, J C. Billaut, D. Bouyssou and Ph. Vincke analyse how the ARWU works, using their insights as specialists of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM). Their main conclusions are that the criteria used are not relevant; that the aggregation methodology has a number of major problems; and that insufficient attention has been paid to fundamental choices of criteria. The ARWU researchers themselves, N.C Liu and Y Cheng, think that the quality of universities cannot be precisely measured by mere numbers and any ranking must be controversial. They suggest that university and college rankings should be used with caution and their methodologies must be understood clearly before reporting or using the results. ARWU has been criticised by the European Commission as well as some EU member states for 'favour Anglo Saxon higher education institutions'. For instance, ARWU is repeatedly criticised in France, where it triggers an annual controversy, focusing on its ill adapted character to the French academic system and the unreasonable weight given to research often performed decades ago. It is also criticised in France for its use as a motivation for fusing universities into larger ones. Indeed, a further criticism has been that the metrics used are not independent of university size, e.g. number of publications or award winners will mechanically add as universities are grouped, independently of research (or teaching) quality; thus a merger between two equally ranked institutions will almost double the merged institutions score and give it a higher ranking, without any change in quality. Scientometrics Results Results

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Notes et références ↑ https://ressources.data.sncf.com/explore/dataset/frequentation gares/?sort=nom gare&q=Saubusse ↑ https://ressources.data.sncf.com/explore/dataset/frequentation gares/?sort=nom gare&q=Saubusse

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