Luoyang - Administrative divisions

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Administrative divisions The prefecture level city of Luoyang administers 5 'built up' urban districts, 1 additional district, 1 county level city, and 9 more rural counties: 涧西区 西工区 老城区 瀍河回族区 洛龙区 non urban 吉利区 偃师市 孟津县 新安县 洛宁县 宜阳县 伊川县 嵩县 栾川县 汝阳县 During the 2010 census, the 5 'built up' urban districts held a population of 1,857,003, making it the fourth largest city in Henan. The entire area of Luoyang’s municipal government held 6,549,941 inhabitants total.

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