Public holidays in Iran

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Iran uses three official calendar systems, including the Solar Hijri calendar as the main and national calendar, the Gregorian calendar for international events and Christian holidays, and the Islamic calendar (Lunar calendar) for Islamic holidays. The surfeit of public holidays has been a subject of concern for almost 30 years. A substantial number of unofficial holidays are added each year to the national holidays that further aggravate the situation. Iran has the most public holidays in the world with around 25 holidays. The holidays in Iran may differ regarding the Arabic Calendar. (Some of the) Solar EventsDateEventLocal NameRemarksFarvardin 1 4Nowruz (March 21)نوروز NowruzPersian New YearFarvardin 12Islamic Republic Day (April 1)روز جمهوری اسلامی Ruz e Jomhuri ye EslāmiFarvardin 13Sizdah Bedar (April 2)سیزده بدرCommonly pronounced and spelled Sizdah BedarKhordad 14Death of Khomeini (June 4)رحلت آیت الله خمینی Rehlat e XomeyniKhordad 15Revolt of Khordad 15 (June 5)قیام ۱۵ خرداد Qiām e Pānzdah e XordādBahman 22Anniversary of Islamic Revolution (February 11)انقلاب اسلامی پنجاه و هفت Enqelāb e EslāmiOfficially the Islamic RevolutionEsfand 29National Day (March 20)ملی شدن صنعت نفت Melli Šodan e Saneat e NaftLunar EventsDateEventMuharram 9TasuaMuharram 10AshuraSafar 20ArbaeenSafar 28Demise of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Hassan (Mujtaba)Safar 29 or 30Martyrdom of Imam RezaRabi' ul Awwal 17Birth of Muhammad and Imam JafarJamaad ath Thaanee 3Martyrdom of FatimaRajab 13Birth of Imam AliRajab 27Mission of MuhammadSha'aban 15Birth of Imam MahdiRamadhan 21Martyrdom of Imam AliShawwal 1Eid ul Fitr (End of Ramadhan)Shawwal 25Martyrdom of Imam JafarDh ul Hajja 10Eid ul Adha (Ghurban)Dh ul Hajja 18Eid al Ghadeer

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