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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Full table The nuclide table below shows nuclides (often loosely called 'isotopes', but this term properly refers to nuclides with the same atomic number, see below), including all with half life of at least one day. They are arranged with increasing atomic numbers from left to right and increasing neutron numbers from top to bottom. Cell color denotes the half life of each nuclide; if a border is present, its color indicates the half life of the most stable nuclear isomer. In graphical browsers, each nuclide also has a tool tip indicating its half life.Each color represents a certain range of length of half life, and the color of the border indicates the half life of its nuclear isomer state. Some nuclides have multiple nuclear isomers, and this table notes the longest one.Dotted borders mean that a nuclide has a nuclear isomer, and their color is represented the same way as for their normal counterparts.

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