Land speed record - Records - 1963–present (jet and rocket propulsion)

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. 1963–present (jet and rocket propulsion) Craig Breedlove's mark of 407.447 miles per hour (655.722 km/h), set in Spirit of America in September 1963, was initially considered unofficial. The vehicle breached the FIA regulations on two grounds: it had only three wheels, and it was not wheel driven, since its jet engine did not supply power to its axles. Some time later, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme created a non wheel driven category, and ratified Spirit of America's time for this mark. On July 27, 1964, Donald Campbell's Bluebird CN7 posted a speed of 403.10 miles per hour (648.73 km/h) on Lake Eyre, Australia. This became the official FIA LSR, although Campbell was disappointed not to have beaten Breedlove's time. In October, several four wheel jet cars surpassed the 1963 mark, but were eligible for neither FIA nor FIM ratification. The confusion of having three different LSRs lasted until December 11, 1964, when the FIA and FIM met in Paris and agreed to recognize as an absolute LSR the higher speed recorded by either body, by any vehicles running on wheels, whether wheel driven or not. Thus, Art Arfons' Green Monster was belatedly recognized as the absolute LSR holder, Bluebird the holder of the wheel driven land speed record, and Spirit of America the tricycle record holder. No wheel driven car has since held the absolute record. Spirit of America Spirit of America ' Green Monster Bluebird Spirit of America

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