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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Verbs Many verbs in Haitian Creole are the same spoken words as the French infinitive, but there is no conjugation in the language; the verbs have one form only, and changes in tense, mood, and aspect are indicated by the use of markers: li ale travay None maten il va au travail le matin elle va au travail le matin li dòmi aswè il dort le soir elle dort le soir li li Bib la il lit la Bible elle lit la Bible mwen fè manje je fais à manger nou toujou etidye nous étudions toujours Copula Copula The concept expressed in English by the verb 'to be' is expressed in Haitian Creole by three words, se, ye, and sometimes e.   se ye e The verb se (pronounced similarly to the English word 'say') is used to link a subject with a predicate nominative: se li se frè mwen il est mon frère mwen se yon doktè je suis médecin je suis docteur sa se yon pyebwa mango c'est un manguier nou se zanmi nous sommes amis The subject sa or li can sometimes be omitted with se: sa li se clarification needed clarification needed se yon bon ide c'est une bonne idée se nouvo chemiz mwen c'est ma nouvelle chemise To express 'I want to be', usually vin ('to become') is used instead of se. vin   se li pral vin bofrè m il va devenir mon beau frère brother in law li pral vin bofrè mwen mwen vle vin on doktè je veux devenir docteur sa pral vin yon pye mango ça va devenir un manguier nou pral vin zanmi nous allons devenir amis Ye also means 'to be', but is placed exclusively at the end of a sentence, after the predicate and the subject (in that order): Ye   end mwen se Ayisyen je suis haïtien Ayisyen mwen ye Koman ou ye? lit. Comment êtes vous? Haitian Creole has stative verbs, which means that the verb 'to be' is not overt when followed by an adjective. Therefore, malad means both 'sick' and 'to be sick':     malad to be sick

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