European Cricket Championship - 2006-07 European Cricket Championship - Division Two

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Division Two The European Division Two Championships was held from 4–9 August in Scotland, together with Division One. The winner would be promoted to the next installment of Division One in 2008. Division Two was primarily played in Glasgow, with one game being played at RAF Lossiemouth for security reasons. Italy were absent, having been promoted to Division One. Greece made their return to Division Two after a six year absence, whilst the tournament saw the international debuts of Guernsey and Jersey. It was won by Norway, who were promoted to 2008 Division One. The win also granted them entry into 2008 WCL Division Five alongside runners up Jersey and 3rd place Germany. Greece came in last place and were relegated to 2007 Division Three after being stripped of their first round points due to fielding ineligible players. The tournament was met by protests due to the involvement of the Israeli team. Norway Group A Group A         Greece was disqualified for ineligibility of players. Group B Group B

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Number of Data columns : 8 Number of Data rows : 4
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Data row number Place Team Wins Tied NR Loss PTS NRR

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Place integer
Team text
Wins integer
Tied integer
NR integer
Loss integer
PTS integer
NRR double precision

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