114th United States Congress - Changes in membership - House of Representatives

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. House of Representatives

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Number of Data columns : 5 Number of Data rows : 9
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number District Vacator Reason for change Successor Date of successor'sformal installation

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
District text
Vacator text
Reason for change text
Successor text
Date of successor'sformal installation text

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56th National Film Awards - Awards - Feature Films


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Feature Films Feature films were awarded at All India as well as regional level. For 56th National Film Awards, a Bengali film, Antaheen won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film; whereas a Marathi film, Jogwa won the maximum number of awards (5). Following were the awards given in each category: Antaheen Jogwa Juries Juries A committee headed by Shaji N. Karun was appointed to evaluate the feature films awards. Following were the jury members: Jury Members All India Award All India Award Following were the awards given: Golden Lotus Award Golden Lotus Award Official Name: Swarna Kamal All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize. Antaheen ₹ Citation: For lyrical blend of technical devices in the right proportion to depict shifting human relationships in an urban scenario. A Wednesday! ₹ Citation: For slick and searing exposure of the tension below the normal rhythm of life and the angst of the common man in Mumbai. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! ₹ Citation: For its intelligent treatment of an off beat subject that makes it different within the popular format. Gubbachigalu ₹ Citation: For imaginative portrayal of a magic world that exists in the minds of children. Roadside Romeo ₹ Citation: For its technical achievements to further the craft of animation for mainstream audience. Naan Kadavul ₹ Citation: For its powerful handling of an extraordinary subject that focuses on marginal characters with great convection. Silver Lotus Award Silver Lotus Award Official Name: Rajat Kamal All the awardees are awarded with 'Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize. Aai Kot Nai ₹ Citation: For its honest look at a burning problem in Northeast India, its attempt to break down artificial boundaries and giving it a human and aesthetic appeal. Little Zizou ₹ Citation: For its witty and intelligent handling of the conflicts and convictions confronting the Parsi community. Jogwa ₹ Citation: For hard hitting comment on the victims of age old social customs. Jianta Bhoota ₹ Citation: For sensitive portrayal of exploitation of innocence in the name of development. Jogwa ₹ Citation: For his restrained yet powerful depiction of a complex character. Fashion ₹ Citation: For convincing portrayal of a whole range of emotions within a single character. Rock On!! ₹ Citation: For his moving performance as a musician trying to rise above personal tragedy. Fashion ₹ Citation: For compelling portrayal of a down and out super model that enriches the impact of the film. Thanks Maa ₹ Citation: For his very natural depiction of a street child thrown into an unusual situation. Jogwa ('Jeev Dangla Gungla Rangla') ₹ Citation: For his soulful rendition reflecting the agony of unfulfilled emotions. Antaheen ('Pherari Mon') Jogwa ('Jeev Dangla Gungla Rangla') ₹ Citation: For her wide ranging rendition of human emotions. Antaheen ₹ Citation: For the poetically captured visuals with inspired use of light and shades to enhanced the mood of the film. Gandha ₹ Citation: For its remarkable integration of three different plots using the sense of smell at as a liet motif to focus sensitively on human relationships. Gandha ₹ Citation: For its use of dramatically scripted sounds to heighten the mood of the film. Firaaq ₹ Citation: For aesthetically weaving together unrelated sequences to heighten the dramatic impact. Firaaq ₹ Citation: For its perfect use of props and choice of colours to enhance the ambience of a post riots. Jodhaa Akbar ₹ Citation: For its painstaking detail to recreate the costume costumes and jewellery of Mughal era. Naan Kadavul ₹ Citation: For its wide variety of make up inputs to reflect the large spectrum of characters. Jogwa ₹ Citation: For its well researched use of traditional and folk music to reinforce the theme of the film. Antaheen ('Pherari Mon') ₹ Citation: For its simple composition of verses to contribute meaningfully to the film. Mumbai Meri Jaan ₹ Citation: For its stunning use of technical effects of visual shorts to mirror a man made disaster. Jodhaa Akbar ('Azeem o Shaan Shahenshah') ₹ Citation: For its extravagant and dreamlike treatment of celebrations on a magnificent scale. Bioscope ₹ Citation: For its exciting revival of a sincerely personal style to look back on a chapter of history. Regional Awards Regional Awards The award is given to best film in the regional languages in India. Mon Jaai ₹ Citation: For its honest exploration of ethical values confronting the youth. Shob Charitro Kalponik ₹ Citation: For its poetic treatment of an individual sensitivities in a crisis. Rock On!! ₹ Citation: For an emotional story of musical bonding. Vimukthi ₹ Citation: For exploring different dimension of family ties. Thirakkatha ₹ Citation: For its poignant story of an actress told with sincerity and conviction. Harishchandrachi Factory ₹ Citation: For its original of stylised recreation of a slice of history. Vaaranam Aayiram ₹ Citation: For its engaging depiction of a father and son relationship. 1940 Lo Oka Gramam ₹ Citation: For its courageous handling of caste based prejudices. Best Feature Film in Each of the Language Other Than Those Specified In the Schedule VIII of the Constitution Best Feature Film in Each of the Language Other Than Those Specified In the Schedule VIII of the Constitution

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WSMV-TV - Digital television - Digital channels


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Digital channels The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

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- Flotte


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Flotte

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