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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Organization At the highest level, the eight banners were categorized according to two groupings. The three 'upper' banners (both Yellow Banners and the Plain White Banner) were under the nominal command of the emperor himself, whereas the five 'lower' banners were commanded by others. The banners were also split into a 'left wing' and a 'right wing' according to how they would be arrayed in battle. In Beijing, the left wing occupied the eastern banner neighborhoods and the right wing occupied the western ones. The smallest unit in a banner army was the company, or niru (Chinese: 佐領; pinyin: zuǒlǐng), composed nominally of 300 soldiers and their families. The term niru means 'arrow' in the Manchu language, and was originally the Manchu name for a hunting party, which would be armed with bows and arrows. 15 companies (4,500 men) made up one jalan (Chinese: 參領; pinyin: cānlǐng). 4 jalan constituted a gūsa (banner), with a total of 60 companies, or 18,000 men. The actual sizes often varied substantially from these standards. niru 佐領 zuǒlǐng zuǒlǐng niru jalan 參領 cānlǐng cānlǐng jalan gūsa ᡤᡡᠰᠠ ᠵᠠᠯᠠᠨ ᠨᡳᡵᡠ

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