List of cities and towns in Austria - List

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. List

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 6 Number of Data rows : 77
Categories : knowledge, demography, politics, economy


Data row number Rank Name Population 1991 Population 2001 Population 2015 State

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Rank double precision
Name text
Population 1991 integer
Population 2001 integer
Population 2015 integer
State text

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Air vice-marshal - Royal Air Force use and history - Origins


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Origins On 1 April 1918, the newly created RAF adopted its officer rank titles from the British Army, with officers at what is now air vice marshal level holding the rank of major general. In response to the proposal that the RAF should use its own rank titles, it was suggested that the RAF might use the Royal Navy's officer ranks, with the word 'air' inserted before the naval rank title. For example, the rank that later became air vice marshal would have been air rear admiral. The Admiralty objected to any use of their rank titles, including this modified form, and so an alternative proposal was put forward: air officer ranks would be based on the term 'ardian', which was derived from a combination of the Gaelic words for 'chief' (ard) and 'bird' (eun), with the term 'third ardian' or 'squadron ardian' being used for the equivalent to rear admiral and major general. However, air vice marshal was preferred and was adopted on 1 August 1919. The following officers were the first to be appointed to the rank, and their former service ranks are also shown: ard eun

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Élections législatives de 2007 en Île-de-France - Val-d'Oise (95) - 2e circonscription


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. 2e circonscription Cantons de Cergy Nord, Cergy Sud, L'Hautil, L'Isle Adam, Saint Ouen l'Aumône  Premier tourSecond tourNombre d'inscrits114 933100,00 %114 930100,00 %Nombre de votants67 12858,41 %64 39656,03 %Suffrages exprimés66 09398,46 %62 67897,33 %PartiCandidatRésultats 1er tourRésultats 2d tourVoix%Voix%UMPAxel Poniatowski30 01845,42 %33 27053,08 %ÉluPSDominique Lefebvre18 53328,04 %29 40846,92 %BattuUDF MoDemM Barek Marir5 2777,98 %Les VertsRose Marie Saint Germes Akar2 5293,83 %FNJean Pierre Emie2 4073,64 %PCFMoussa Diarra2 0263,07 %LCRBruno Jacquin1 9622,97 %MPFJean Michel Bertrand7051,07 %MRCLaurent Carius7031,06 %LOEric Cassan4800,73 %La France en actionJulien Tabary4620,70 %Collectif Citoyen 95Jean Pierre Zolotareff3960,60 %MNRJoël Holin3060,46 %PTMartine Quenton2890,44 %

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SNL Digital Short - Other Lonely Island shorts on SNL


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Other Lonely Island shorts on SNL SNL Produced by The Lonely Island, and/or labeled Digital Shorts on official YouTube postings, these shorts aired on an SNL episode but not with the official SNL Digital Short title card. As with the Digital Shorts, these are directed by Akiva Schaffer. However, according to the official LonelyIsland website, the MacGruber shorts are directed by Jorma Taccone and written by Will Forte.

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