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Dataset Eponymous archon - List of archons of Athens - Classical period

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Data row number Other officials or notable events
1 According to Diodorus Siculus, the Second Persian invasion of Greece began during Calliades' archonship. Aristides and Themistocles are strategoi.
2 Battle of Plataea; Aristides is strategos
3 Delian League founded.
4 None
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12 None
13 None
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15 None
16 Sophanes is a strategos
17 None
18 Cimon is a strategos
19 According to the Athenian Constitution (ch. 25), Ephialtes reforms the Areopagus, and is assassinated
20 Also spelled Euippos.
21 None
22 Phrynicus, Dicaeogenes and Hippodamas are strategoi.
23 So Diodorus Siculus (11.79); other authorities state the eponymous archon for this year was Bion.
24 None
25 None
26 None
27 None
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29 None
30 Anaxicrates and Cimon are strategoi
31 None
32 Second Sacred War begins.
33 Pericles, Tolmides and Epiteles are strategoi; Peace of Callias ends the Greco-Persian Wars
34 Construction of the Parthenon begins.
35 None
36 Peace between Athens and Sparta. Age of Pericles begins.
37 Pericles is a strategos
38 Pericles is a strategos
39 Pericles is a strategos
40 Pericles and Glaucon are strategoi
41 Pericles is a strategos
42 Also spelled Glaucidus. Pericles is a strategos
43 Pericles is a strategos
44 Pericles is a strategos. Construction of the Propylaea begins
45 So Diodorus Siculus (12.33); other authorities state the eponymous archon for this year was Nausimachos. Pericles is a strategos
46 Also spelled Antilochidos. Pericles is a strategos
47 Also spelled Chares. Pericles is a strategos
48 Pericles, Lacedaemonius, Diotimus, and Proteas are strategoi
49 Thucydides dates the beginning of the Peloponnesian War to the tenure of this archon.Pericles and Callias are strategoi.
50 Also spelled Euthydemos. Pericles is a strategos.
51 Pericles dies; Xenophon, Hestiodorus, Calliades, Melesandrus, and Phanomachus are strategoi.
52 Phormio is a strategos.
53 Demosthenes, Asopius, Paches, Cleidippes, and Lysicles are strategoi
54 Also spelled Eucleides. Nicias, Charoiades and Procles are strategoi
55 Also spelled Euthydemos. Laches and Hippocrates are strategoi
56 Nicias, Eurymedon, Pythodorus, and Sophocles are strategoi
57 Demosthenes, Cleon, Thucydides and Hippocrates are strategoi
58 Also spelled Ameinias. Cleon is a strategos
59 Cleon is a strategos
60 Construction of the Erechtheion begins.
61 Alcibiades is strategos
62 None
63 Laches and Nicostratus are strategoi
64 None
65 Nicias, Alcibiades, and Lamachus are strategoi
66 Also spelled Chabrias. Alcibiades is a strategos
67 Lamachus is a strategos
68 Eurymedon, Demosthenes, and Nicias are strategoi
69 None
70 Simichus and Aristarchus are strategoi
71 None
72 Anytus is a strategos
73 None
74 Alcibiades, Adeimantus, and Aristocrates are strategoi
75 Archestratus, Thrasylus, Pericles, Lysias, Diomedon, Aristocrates, Erasinides, Protomachus, and Aristogenes are strategoi
76 Adeimantus, Eucrates, Philocles, Menandrus, Tydeus, and Cephisodotus are strategoi
77 Sparta sets up the oligarchy of the Thirty Tyrants; Pythodorus not recognized as Eponymous Archon
78 Thirty Tyrants expelled, democracy reestablished. Old Attic alphabet was officially abolished in favor of the Ionic alphabet of twenty-four letters.
79 Also spelled Micion.
80 Also spelled Exaenetus.
81 None
82 None
83 Also spelled Ithycles.
84 None
85 None
86 None
87 None
88 Adeimantus is a strategos
89 None
90 None
91 Thrasybulus and Ergocles are strategoi
92 Agyrrhius and Pamphilus are strategoi
93 Thrasybulus and Dionysius are strategoi
94 None
95 None
96 None
97 Also spelled Diotrephes
98 None
99 None
100 None