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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Infrared and submillimetre Infrared light is of lower energy than visible light, hence is emitted by sources that are either cooler, or moving away from the observer (in present context: Earth) at high speed. As such, the following can be viewed in the infrared: cool stars (including brown dwarves), nebulae, and redshifted galaxies.

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Armorial des communes du Finistère - B


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. B Bannalec De sinople à un rameau de genêt à trois fleurs épanouies d'or, au chef d'hermine chargé d'un croissant de gueules. Bénodet D'azur à un yacht de sable, voguant sur une mer d'argent, habillé d'une grande voile du même et d'un spinnaker d'or chargé d'une harpe d'azur, à l'aquilon d'or mouvant de l'angle senestre du chef. Berrien D'argent aux trois jumelles de gueules, au franc canton d'or chargé d'un lion de sable. Bodilis Fascé de six pièces de sable et d'or au griffon de gueules brochant ; au chef d'argent chargé de trois mouchetures d'hermine de sable. Bohars D'or au bosquet d'arbres au naturel sur une terrasse de sinople, au chef d'azur chargé trois tours d'or ouvertes, ajourées et maçonnées de sable, coulissées de gueules. Botmeur D'argent au lion de gueules, accompagné de quatre mouchetures d'hermine de sable posées une en chef, une à dextre, une à senestre, et une en pointe. 'Ecartelé aux I et IV d’or au lion de gueules, et aux II et III d’argent au lion de gueules' « Délivrez moi de la gueule des lions » Bourg Blanc D'or à une fasce de sable ondée en pointe, chargée d'un dragon d'argent.

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Air war Slovak Air Force Slovak Air Force After the splitting of Czechoslovakia, the six regiments of the former Czechoslovak Air Force were also divided. The core of this air force on Slovak territory was the 3rd Air Regiment of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, which came under Slovak Ministry of Defence control. However, most of the officers, experienced pilots and aviation experts were Czechs. Before 14 March, the Slovak Air Force (Slovenské vzdušné zbrane) had about 1,400 members. After the split, Czechoslovakia had only 824 left. Returning crews from occupied Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia only slowly reinforced the nascent Slovak Air Force. The tactical situation was most critical in eastern Slovakia, at the airport of Spišská Nová Ves. The two fighter squadrons at that airport only had nine pilots, and there were only three officers at the airport headquarters. Additionally, the situation was becoming more and more critical as Hungarian attacks were increasing. Many pilots flying together in those days were collected from different parts of Slovakia and had no time to train together, which put them at a marked disadvantage against the prepared and complete Hungarian squadrons. The best Slovak fighter plane of the time was the Czech Avia B 534. Occupation of Spišská Nová Ves airport at 22 March 1939: Other elements of the 3rd Air Regiment of Milan Rastislav Štefánik were at airfields in Vajnory, Piešťany, Nitra, Žilina and Tri Duby. However, a lack of pilots greatly hampered its effectiveness. Some crews from Piešťany and Žilina were sent to support Spišská Nová Ves. In this state, the Slovak Air Force had to support ground units in combat and interfere with Hungarian supplies. To do this, they had to fly low and, as they had no armour, become an easy target for Hungarian artillery or even ground unit soldiers. clarification needed clarification needed Royal Hungarian Air Force Royal Hungarian Air Force Hungary concentrated its aerial assets on targets in eastern Slovakia:

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- Anime - Doublage


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Doublage

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