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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Noun inflection The gender of a noun may affect the modifications that the noun itself undergoes, particularly the way in which the noun inflects for number and case. For example, a language like Latin, German or Russian has a number of different declension patterns, and which pattern a particular noun follows may be highly correlated with its gender. For some instances of this, see Latin declension. A concrete example is provided by the German word See, which has two possible genders: when it is masculine (meaning 'lake') its genitive singular form is Sees, but when it is feminine (meaning 'sea'), the genitive is See, because feminine nouns do not take the genitive s. See Sees See s Gender is sometimes reflected in other ways. In Welsh, gender marking is mostly lost on nouns; however, Welsh has initial mutation, where the first consonant of a word changes into another in certain conditions. Gender is one of the factors that can cause one form of mutation (soft mutation). For instance, the word merch 'girl' changes into ferch after the definite article. This only occurs with feminine singular nouns: mab 'son' remains unchanged. Adjectives are affected by gender in a similar way. merch ferch mab

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Data row number No Name 0 Default After definite article With adjective

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Default text
After definite article text
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