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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Markets Euronext Amsterdam/Amsterdam Stock Exchange Euronext Brussels/Brussels Stock Exchange Euronext Dublin/Irish Stock Exchange Euronext Paris/Paris Bourse Euronext Lisbon Euronext combines four national markets in Europe, trading stocks of major companies of each country participant, and manages the main national indices representing these stocks: AEX index, BEL 20, CAC 40 and PSI 20.Blue chip traded on Euronext represent 20+ issuers included in the EURO STOXX 50® benchmark. In 2012, Euronext announced it was opening a listings venue in London under Euronext London, which strengthened the competitive position of Euronext in Europe and increased its visibility. Table of major instrument types traded on Euronext Cash Markets:

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Data row number Market / Segment Name Equities Bonds ETFs Funds ETVs / ETNs Warrants, Certificates & Structured Notes

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Market / Segment Name text
Equities text
Bonds text
ETFs text
Funds text
ETVs / ETNs text
Warrants, Certificates & Structured Notes text

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