Walt Disney World - Attendance

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Attendance In 2014, the resort's four theme parks all ranked in the top 8 on the list of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world; (1st) Magic Kingdom 19,332,000 visitors, (6th) Epcot 11,454,000 visitors, (7th) Disney's Animal Kingdom 10,402,000 visitors, and (8th) Disney's Hollywood Studios 10,312,000 visitors.

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 6 Number of Data rows : 11
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number Year Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Overall

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Year text
Magic Kingdom integer
Epcot integer
Disney's Hollywood Studios integer
Disney's Animal Kingdom integer
Overall integer

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