24 (season 3) - Reception - Award nominations

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Award nominations

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 4 Number of Data rows : 15
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number Organization Category Nominee(s) Result

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Organization text
Category text
Nominee(s) text
Result text

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New Orleans Bowl - MVPs


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. MVPs

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2015 Pittsburgh Pirates season - Regular season - Game log


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Game log 2015 Game Log: 98–64 (Home: 53–28; Away: 45–36) April: 12–10 (Home: 6–4; Away: 6–6) Watson (11) Liz Scahill Locke Worley Sadler Cole Burnett Liriano Worley Melancon Locke Cole Melancon Caminero Melancon Worley Watson Liz Melancon Cole Melancon Watson Melancon Liriano Worley Locke Cole May: 14–14 (Home: 9–5; Away: 5–9) (10) Scahill (11) Hughes (14) Liz Locke Cole Burnett Liriano Scahill Melancon Hughes Melancon Cole Melancon Burnett Liriano Worley (12) Liz Cole Burnett Melancon Liriano (13) Bastardo Cole Melancon Burnett Liriano Morton Melancon Locke Cole Melancon Burnett Scahill Morton Melancon Locke June: 17–9 (Home: 9–5; Away: 8–4) Cole Melancon Burnett Melancon Liriano Melancon Morton Melancon Worley Cole Melancon Burnett Liriano Morton Melancon (13) Bastardo Cole Melancon (11) Bastardo Liriano Morton Melancon Locke Melancon Cole Melancon Burnett Liriano Morton Scahill Melancon Cole (13) Scahill (10) Melancon Morton Locke (14) Guerra July: 17–9 (Home: 11–3; Away: 6–6) Burnett Liriano Melancon Morton Locke Melancon Cole Melancon Hughes Watson Melancon Guerra Bastardo Locke Cole Melancon (14) Worley (10) Caminero – July 14 86th All Star Game National League vs. American League ( Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio ) Morton Worley Locke Burnett Melancon Cole Morton Liriano Worley Melancon Burnett Cole Melancon Melancon Liriano Burnett Locke Melancon August: 19–8 (Home: 11–4; Away: 8–4)

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Events List Telecommunication 2020


This file is a list of trade shows, conferences and events for sector Telecommunication in 2020.
The event list file to download contains 493 events.
The events data includes event name, date, event organizer, event venue and address, event city and country, estimated attendance (number of visitors and exhibitors), and event sector.
The events provided in the list are of several types such as trade shows and trade fairs, conferences, congresses and seminars.
This list can be downloaded to plan marketing activities, look for partners or identify business opportunities.
Lists of companies by products, sectors and countries are also available.

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