2000 New York Yankees season - Game log - LegendYankees WinYankees LossGame Postponed

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. LegendYankees WinYankees LossGame Postponed 2000 Game Log (87–74) Home: 44–35 Away: 43–39 April (15–8) Home: 8–3 Away: 7–5 Hernández Rivera Mendoza Rivera Cone Pettitte Nelson Rivera Clemens May (13–13) Home: 7–7 Away: 6–6 June (10–15) Home: 2–6 Away: 8–9 Postponed (rain) Rescheduled for July 8 July (18–8) Home: 9–4 Away: 9–4 All Star Break August (18–12) Home: 11–7 Away: 7–5

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Number of Data columns : 10 Number of Data rows : 10
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number # Date Opponent Score Win Loss Save Location Attendance Record

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
# integer
Date text
Opponent text
Score text
Win text
Loss text
Save text
Location text
Attendance integer
Record text

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