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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Examples These examples cover all regular Swedish caseless noun forms. First declension: or (common gender) First declension or en flaska (a) bottle flaskor or bottles flaskan n the bottle flaskorna orna the bottles Second declension: ar (common gender) Second declension ar en stol a chair stolar ar chairs stolen en the chair stolarna arna the chairs en gubbe (an) old man gubbar ar old men gubben n the old man gubbarna arna the old men Third declension: er, r (mostly common gender nouns, some neuter nouns) Third declension er r en sak (a) thing saker er things saken en the thing sakerna erna the things en bakelse (a) pastry bakelser r pastries bakelsen n the pastry bakelserna rna the pastries ett parti (a) political party partier er political parties partiet et the political party partierna erna the political parties The set of words taking only r as a marker for plural is regarded as a declension of its own by some scholars. However, traditionally these have been regarded as a special version of the third declension. r Fourth declension: n (neuter) This is when a neuter noun ends in a vowel. Fourth declension n ett hjärta (a) heart hjärtan n hearts hjärtat t the heart hjärtana na the hearts Fifth declension: unmarked plural (mostly neuter nouns ending in consonants and common gender nouns ending in certain derivational suffixes) Fifth declension ett horn (a) horn horn horns hornet et the horn hornen en the horns

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