2018–19 Scottish League Cup - Group stage - North

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. North Group A Group A

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 18 Number of Data rows : 5
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number Pos Team Pld W PW PL L GF GA GD Pts Qualification No Name 12 ROS ARB ALO DUN ELG

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Pos integer
Team text
Pld integer
W integer
PW integer
PL integer
L integer
GF integer
GA integer
GD text
Pts integer
Qualification text
No Name 12 text
ROS text
ARB text
ALO text
DUN text
ELG text

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List of equipment used by separatist forces of the war in Donbass - Electronic warfare


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Doctor Who missing episodes - Recovery - Episodes


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Episodes When the BBC's complete holdings (both the BBC Film & Videotape Library and the BBC Enterprises) were first audited in 1978, the following episodes were absent from their collective archives, but have subsequently been returned to the Corporation through various methods. The sixteen stories  highlighted  have all episodes existing as a result. Except where indicated, all of episodes were returned as 16 mm telerecording negatives or prints:  highlighted  The Reign of Terror The Crusade The Time Meddler Galaxy 4 The Daleks' Master Plan The Celestial Toymaker The War Machines First Doctor Totals 7 serials 17 episodes The Underwater Menace The Faceless Ones The Evil of the Daleks The Tomb of the Cybermen The Abominable Snowmen The Ice Warriors The Enemy of the World The Web of Fear Unknown Unknown The Wheel in Space The Dominators The Krotons The War Games Second Doctor Totals 12 serials 32 episodes Inferno The Claws of Axos Colony in Space The Curse of Peladon The Sea Devils The Mutants The Time Monster Invasion of the Dinosaurs Death to the Daleks Third Doctor Totals 9 serials 32 episodes Totals 28 serials 81 episodes Sources of recovered episodes Sources of recovered episodes In the years since the BBC archive was first audited in 1978, a number of episodes then absent have been returned from various sources. BBC holdings BBC holdings Film Library oddities Film Library oddities When the BBC audited its Film Library in 1977, only 47 episodes were found to exist. These Film Library copies were a random sampling of viewing prints for various episodes, along with seven of the nine episodes that had originally been telerecorded onto film for editing and/or transmission, rather than recorded to videotape. These film originated masters were stored in the Film Library, rather than in the Engineering Department with the videotapes. The presence of the viewing prints is less easily explained. The Film Library's remit covers material originated on film, not on videotape – yet two of the film originated episodes of Doctor Who (The Power of the Daleks Episode 6 and The Wheel in Space Episode 5) were junked by the Film Library, while it held such unexplained material as 16 mm copies of The Tenth Planet Episodes 1–3, presumably viewing prints which were mistakenly returned to them at some point instead of BBC Enterprises. Most surprisingly of all, they also retained a 16 mm telerecording copy of the original untransmitted pilot, presumably a viewing print made in 1963 and subsequently lodged at the Library. Doctor Who The Power of the Daleks The Wheel in Space The Tenth Planet The Film Library also held high quality original film sequences made for insertion into videotaped episodes. Some of these, such as those from Episodes 1–2 of The Daleks' Master Plan, survive to this day. Other junked sequences were mistakenly entered into a film library computer system, leading to an impression that they had existed for some years afterward, and inaccurate speculation that the BBC was still destroying clips well into the early 1980s. The Daleks' Master Plan Engineering Department Engineering Department Following the establishment of the Film and Videotape Library, an audit of the Engineering Department found 60 of the 128 Third Doctor episodes starring Jon Pertwee, which in addition to the Film Library's copies of the film originated Spearhead from Space, brought that Doctor's episode count up to 64 out of 128. Spearhead from Space Villiers House Villiers House In 1978, Ian Levine located another 65 episodes from the show's first six seasons (plus fourteen previously existing episodes), at the BBC Enterprises film vault at Villiers House in London. The episodes comprise 17 full serials, mostly from seasons 1 and 2. According to Levine, the prints of The Daleks were flagged to be junked that very day. The Daleks Levine alerted the new Film and Videotape Library's archive selector, Sue Malden, who paid her own visit to Villiers House and found every remaining Jon Pertwee episode (albeit as a 16 mm black and white telerecording), except for two from his final season: Death to the Daleks and Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Episodes 1. Death to the Daleks Invasion of the Dinosaurs In August 1988, ten years after Levine's and Malden's visits, Episodes 1 and 4–6 of the six part story The Ice Warriors were discovered in a cupboard at Villiers House when the Corporation was in the process of moving out of the building. The Ice Warriors National Film and Television Archive National Film and Television Archive Shortly after the junking process was halted and the BBC established its Film and Videotape Library for the purpose of storage and preservation, archive selector Sue Malden began to audit what material remained in the BBC's stores. When investigations revealed large gaps in the collection, Malden turned her inquiries to the National Film and Television Archive – which promptly returned three full Second Doctor serials – The Dominators, The Krotons, and The War Games, adding seven more episodes and completing two of those serials. These all were standard 16 mm film telerecordings with the exception of The Dominators Episode 3, which was a 35 mm print. The Dominators The Krotons The War Games The Dominators Episodes 4 and 5 of The Dominators originated from a foreign broadcaster, and had been slightly edited; the missing footage was restored later, through a mix of censor clips and more complete prints held by private collectors. The Dominators Overseas broadcasters that purchased missing episodes Overseas broadcasters that purchased missing episodes An appeal to broadcasters in other countries who had shown the programme (notably Australia and African nations such as Nigeria) produced 'lost' episodes from the archives of their television companies. The Tomb of the Cybermen, for example, was recovered in this manner from Rediffusion Television in Hong Kong in 1992. Of the 50 episodes recovered since the original BBC audit of its holdings, 24 have been returned from overseas broadcasters: The Tomb of the Cybermen

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Phono-semantic matching - Examples - Arabic


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Arabic Zuckermann (2009, p. 60) analyses the evolution of the word artichoke. Beginning in Arabic الخرشوف ('al xarshūf) 'the artichoke', it was adapted into Spanish Arabic alxarshofa, then Old Spanish alcarchofa, then Italian alcarcioffo, North Italian arcicioffo > arciciocco > articiocco, then as the internationalism phonetically realized in English as artichoke. The word was eventually phono semantically matched back into colloquial Levantine Arabic (for example in Syria, Lebanon and Israel) as أرضي شوكي arḍī shōkī, consisting of أرضي arḍī 'earthly' and شوكي shawkī 'thorny'. artichoke الخرشوف 'al xarshūf 'al xarshūf alxarshofa alcarchofa alcarcioffo arcicioffo arciciocco articiocco artichoke phono semantically matched أرضي شوكي arḍī shōkī أرضي arḍī شوكي shawkī Arabic has made use of phono semantic matching to replace blatantly imported new terminology with a word derived from an existing triliteral root. Examples are:

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