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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Tickets From Disneyland's opening day until 1982, the price of the attractions was in addition to the price of park admission. Guests paid a small admission fee to get into the park, but admission to most of the rides and attractions required guests to purchase tickets, either individually or in a book, that consisted of several coupons, initially labeled 'A' through 'C'. 'A' coupons allowed admission to the smaller rides and attractions such as the Main Street Vehicles, whereas 'C' coupons were used for the most common attractions like Peter Pan's Flight, or the Mad Tea Party. As more thrilling rides were introduced, such as the Disneyland Monorail or the Matterhorn Bobsleds, 'D' and then eventually 'E' coupons were introduced. Coupons could be combined to equal the equivalent of another ticket (e.g., two 'A' tickets equal one 'B' ticket). Disneyland later featured a 'Keys to the Kingdom' booklet of tickets, which consisted of 10 unvalued coupons sold for a single flat rate. These coupons could be used for any attraction regardless of its regular value. In 1982, Disney dropped the idea for individual ride tickets to a single admission price with unlimited access to all attractions, 'except shooting galleries'. While this idea was not original to Disney, it had business advantages: in addition to guaranteeing that everyone paid the same entry amount regardless of their length of stay or number of rides ridden, the park no longer had to print ride tickets, provide staff for ticket booths, nor provide staff to collect tickets or monitor attractions for people sneaking on without tickets. Later, Disney introduced other entry options such as multi day passes, Annual Passes (which allow unlimited entry to the Park for an annual fee), and Southern California residents' discounts. On February 28, 2016, Disneyland adopted a demand based pricing system for single day admission, charging different prices for 'value', 'regular', and 'peak' days, based on projected attendance. Approximately 30% of days will be designated as 'value', mainly weekdays when school is in session, 44% will be designated as 'regular', and 26% will be designated as 'peak', mostly during holidays and weekends in July.

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