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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Vowels English has a particularly large number of vowel phonemes, and on top of that the vowels of English differ considerably between dialects. Because of this, corresponding vowels may be transcribed with various symbols depending on the dialect under consideration. When considering English as a whole, lexical sets are often used, each named by a word containing the vowel or vowels in question. For example, the .mw parser output .smallcaps{font variant:small caps}LOT set consists of words which, like lot, have /ɒ/ in Received Pronunciation and /ɑ/ in General American. The 'LOT vowel' then refers to the vowel that appears in those words in whichever dialect is being considered, or (at a greater level of abstraction) to a diaphoneme, which represents this interdialectal correspondence. A commonly used system of lexical sets, devised by John C. Wells, is presented below; for each set, the corresponding phonemes are given for RP and General American, using the notation that will be used on this page. .mw parser output .smallcaps{font variant:small caps} LOT lot /ɒ/ /ɑ/ LOT Full monophthongs TRAP A æ BATH A ɑː æ PALM A ɑ LOT O ɒ CLOTH O ɔ ɑ THOUGHT OUGH ɔː KIT I ɪ DRESS E e ɛ STRUT U ʌ FOOT OO ʊ Potentialdiphthongs FACE A eɪ GOAT OA əʊ oʊ FLEECE EE iː i GOOSE OO uː u Full diphthongs PRICE I aɪ CHOICE OI ɔɪ MOUTH OU aʊ Pre R vowels NURSE UR ɜː(r) ɜr START AR ɑː(r) ɑr NORTH OR ɔː(r) ɔr FORCE OR ɔr oʊr NEAR EAR ɪə(r) ɪr SQUARE ARE eə(r) ɛr CURE URE ʊə(r) ʊr

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