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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Compilation albums

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
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Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


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2014 Six-red World Championship - Round-robin stage - Group D


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Group D

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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Faculties and departments


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Faculties and departments The University of Athens is divided into schools, faculties and departments as follows. The naming is nοt consistent in English for historical reasons, but in Greek the largest divisions are generally named 'σχολές' (schools) and are divided in 'τμήματα' (departments), furthermore subdivided in 'τομείς' (faculties). SchoolsDepartmentsSchool of Philosophy Department of PhilologyDepartment of History and ArchaeologyDepartment of PsychologyDepartment of Philosophy, Pedagogy and PsychologyDepartment of Music StudiesDepartment of Theatre StudiesDepartment of English Language and LiteratureDepartment of French Language and LiteratureDepartment of German Language and LiteratureDepartment of Italian Language and LiteratureDepartment of Spanish Language and LiteratureDepartment of Slavic StudiesSchool of Economics and Political SciencesDepartment of EconomicsDepartment of Communication and Media StudiesDepartment of Political Science and Public AdministrationDepartment of Turkish and Modern Asian StudiesSchool of Health SciencesDepartment of DentistryDepartment of MedicineDepartment of NursingDepartment of PharmacySchool of Science Department of MathematicsDepartment of PhysicsDepartment of Informatics and TelecommunicationsDepartment of BiologyDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of Geology and GeoenvironmentDepartment of History and Philosophy of Science (formerly Faculty of Methodology, History and Theory of Science)School of EducationDepartment of Primary EducationDepartment of Early Childhood EducationSchool of LawDepartment of LawSchool of TheologyDepartment of TheologyDepartment of Social TheologySchool of Physical Education and Sport ScienceDepartment of Physical Education and Sport Science

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- Comparison with monocotyledons


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Comparison with monocotyledons Aside from cotyledon number, other broad differences have been noted between monocots and dicots, although these have proven to be differences primarily between monocots and eudicots. Many early diverging dicot groups have 'monocot' characteristics such as scattered vascular bundles, trimerous flowers, and non tricolpate pollen. In addition, some monocots have dicot characteristics such as reticulated leaf veins.

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