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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Awarding process The criteria for awarding blues are different for men and women. Awards are made at the discretion of the men's and women's Blues Committees. The Men's Blues Committee is formed from one representative of each of the full blue sports, and the Women's from one representative of each of the full blue and half blue sports. Each committee meets to discuss issues relating to Cambridge sport. In some sports with full blue status, the varsity match second team is awarded second team colours. second team colours The awarding of a full blue often requires a person to fulfill a number of requirements in the same academic year, particularly in sports with discretionary full blue status. If, for whatever reason, an exceptional athlete is of or above full blue standard but does not fulfill all the requirements for the 'automatic' award of a full blue in any given year, the committee has the authority to grant an extraordinary full blue to that person subject to scrutiny of the particular case. The individual's case must be presented to the Blues Committee in person and must be backed up by substantial evidence and references. The award is unlikely to be made unless the person is of world class or at least international standard. extraordinary full blue Each sport has specific criteria for each award; the general categorisation of men's and women's sports is laid out below, though the status of each sport is subject to frequent review. Categorisation of men's sports Categorisation of men's sports

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Basedig offre les solutions logicielle big data pour l'optimisation des ventes et des marges, et l'optimisation des achats avec l'intelligence artificielle et le machine learning. Contactez nous pour plus d'informations.

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