Borjigin - Prominent Kiyads or Borjigins - Qing dynasty (1636–1912)

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Qing dynasty (1636–1912) Prince Consort 巴拜 哈尚 班迪 班柱兒 袞齊拉喜 Imperial Consort Princess Consort Abaga Mongols Abaga Mongols Prince Consort 噶爾瑪索諾木 Imperial Consort Abahai (阿巴亥) Mongols Abahai (阿巴亥) Mongols Princess Consort Alxa (阿拉善) Mongols Alxa (阿拉善) Mongols Prince Consort 旺親班巴爾 Aohan Mongols Aohan Mongols Prince Consort 索諾木杜棱 班第 彭蘇克拉氏 汪扎爾 拉錫 羅蔔藏錫喇普 庚都扎爾 Barin Mongols Barin Mongols Prince Consort 色布騰 烏爾袞 侃布 德勒克 Chahar Mongols Chahar Mongols Prince Consort 阿布奈 Dinghao (鼎浩) Mongols Dinghao (鼎浩) Mongols Prince Consort 敦多布多爾濟 Dun'erluosi (敦爾羅斯) Mongols Dun'erluosi (敦爾羅斯) Mongols Prince Consort 蘇馬第 Hotsit (浩齊特) Mongols Hotsit (浩齊特) Mongols Imperial Consort Jarud Mongols Jarud Mongols Prince Consort 喇瑪思 Imperial Consort Khalkha Mongols Khalkha Mongols Prince Consort 恩格德爾 古爾布什 索爾哈 敦多布多爾濟 策棱 根扎普多爾濟 多爾濟塞布騰 寨桑多爾濟 拉旺多爾濟 Khorchin Mongols Khorchin Mongols During the initial building of the Qing dynasty, the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan had the tradition of diplomatic marriages with Mongols to earn their support. Qing rulers would make Mongol ladies empresses and major concubines. As the Khorchin were the strongest banner, the Manchus were anxious to make alliances from the Borjigit. These marriages produced two empresses and three dowager empresses of the Qing dynasty, from which Xiaozhuang subsequently became a notable grand empress dowager. Hence, it is not surprising to note that from Nurhaci to the Shunzhi Emperor, all the empresses and major concubines were Mongols. Empress Xiaoduanwen (Jerjer) was made empress in 1636, Empress of Emperor Hong Taiji. Daughter of Prince Manjusri. Known as a benevolent empress and the most virtuous of all. Made 'Motherly Empress Dowager Empress' (Mu Hou Huang Tai Hou) in 1643 after the death Of Emperor Hong Taiji. She died in 1649 (Shunzhi's 6th year of rule). Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang (Bumbutai) was historically considered the mother of Qing dynasty. She was a concubine of Huang Taiji. Daughter of Prince Jaisang and niece of Empress Xiaoduan. Made the 'Enlightened Mother Dowager Empress' (Sheng Mu Huang Tai Hou) in 1643 after the death of Emperor Hong Taiji. She died in 1688 having helped Shunzhi Emperor, her son, run the country till his death and Kangxi Emperor, her grandson, for 25 years of his reign. Xiaozhuang was an excellent politician who did not like to interfere in politics, unlike the notorious Empress Dowager Cixi. However, when the conditions required, she rendered her efforts. Prince Consort 綽爾濟 奇塔特 弼爾塔哈爾 巴雅斯護朗 鄂齊爾 班第 多爾濟 羅蔔藏袞布 達爾瑪達都 觀音保 齊默特多爾濟 色卜騰多爾濟 羅蔔藏敦多卜 拉里達 吉爾第 郡錫班第 色旺諾爾布 古穆 喇錫那木扎爾 吉喇里達 色布騰巴爾珠爾 色棱丹巴 索特納木多布濟 Imperial Consort Empress Xiaoduanwen Empress Xiaozhuangwen Shunzhi Emperor Consort Jing Empress Xiaohuizhang Empress Xiaojingcheng Princess Consort Empress Jingxiaoyi Naiman Mongols Naiman Mongols Prince Consort 推忠 德穆楚克扎布 Onnigud Mongols Onnigud Mongols Prince Consort 蒼津 Tumed Mongols Tumed Mongols Prince Consort 瑪尼巴達喇 Zha'ermang (扎爾莽) Mongols Zha'ermang (扎爾莽) Mongols Princess Consort

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