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Analog high-definition television system - French 819-line system


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. French 819 line system When Europe resumed TV transmissions after WWII (i.e. in the late 1940s and early 1950s) most countries standardized on a 576i (625 line) television system. The two exceptions were the British 405 line system, which had already been introduced in 1936, and the French 819 line system. During the 1940s René Barthélemy already reached 1015 lines and even 1042 lines. On November 20, 1948, François Mitterrand, the then Secretary of State for Information, decreed a broadcast standard of 819 lines developed by Henri de France; broadcasting began at the end of 1949 in this definition. This was arguably the world's first high definition television system, and, by today's standards, it could be called 737i (as it had 737 lines active) with a maximum theoretical resolution of 408×368 line pairs (which in digital terms can be expressed as equivalent to 816×736 pixels) with a 4:3 aspect ratio (and thus a slightly wide effective 'pixel aspect ratio' of 6:5, square pixel recording needing approx 980x736 instead). It was used only in France by TF1, and in Monaco by Tele Monte Carlo. However, the theoretical picture quality far exceeded the capabilities of the equipment of its time, and each 819 line channel occupied a wide 14 MHz of VHF bandwidth. By comparison, the modern 720p standard is 1280×720 pixels, of which the 4:3 portion would be 960×720 pixels, while PAL DVDs have a resolution of 720×576 pixels. Television channels were arranged as follows:

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. LegendYankees WinYankees LossGame Postponed Postseason Game Log American League Division Series VS Angels (2–3)

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