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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Filmography

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Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Vowels Atong has six vowels occurring in indigenous as well as loan words. These vowels are /i,e,a,o,u,ə/. In addition, there are four vowels which are only found in loanwords from English and Indic languages. These are the so called “loan vowels”, which are usually, but not always pronounced longer that the indigenous vowels. The loan vowels, characterized by a macron, are /ī/ , /ē/ , ā and ō . In the orthography, they are simply written double. Note that /ū/ and /ə̄/ are not attested. /i,e,a,o,u,ə/ ō Loan vowels are usually but not always pronounced long, and when they are not pronounced long, the difference between the loan and the indigenous words is a matter of vowel quality. In closed syllables, where Atong vowels would be pronounced lowered and more retracted, the loan vowels will have the same quality as the Atong vowels in open syllables. Not all loan words that have long vowels in the source language have long vowels in Atong, and not all loans that can be pronounced with a long vowel in Atong have a long vowel in the source language. Examples of minimal pairs and near minimal pairs are given in the table below.

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