Torquay - Social issues - Crime

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Crime

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 2 Number of Data rows : 12
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number Offences Total

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
Offences text
Total integer

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Inupiaq language - Phonology - North Slope Iñupiaq:


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. North Slope Iñupiaq: /p/ /t/ citation needed citation needed /tʃ/ /k/ /q/ /ʔ/ /m/ /n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/ /f/ /s/ /ʂ/ /x/ /χ/ /h/ /v/ /ʐ/ /ɣ/ /ʁ/ /ɬ/ /ʎ̥/ /l/ /ʎ/ /j/ The voiceless stops /p/ /t/ /k/ and /q/ are not aspirated. This may or may not be true for other dialects as well. * The sound /ʎ̥/ might actually be the sound /ɬʲ/. The sound /ʔ/ might not exist. Recent learners of the language, and heritage speakers are replacing the sound /ʐ/ (written in Iñupiaq as 'r') with the American English /ɹ/ sound. /ʎ̥/ /ɬʲ/ /ʔ/ /ʐ/ /c/ is derived from a palatalized and unreleased /t/. Assimilation: Assimilation: Two consonants cannot appear together unless they share the manner of articulation (in this case treating the lateral and approximate consonants as fricatives). The only exception to this rule is having a voiced fricative consonant appear with a nasal consonant. Since all stops in North Slope are voiceless, a lot of needed assimilation arises from having to assimilate a voiceless stop to a voiced consonant. This process is realized by assimilating the first consonant in the cluster to a consonant that: 1) has the same (or closest possible) area of articulation as the consonant being assimilated; and 2) has the same manner of articulation as the second consonant that it is assimilating to. If the second consonant is a lateral or approximate, the first consonant will assimilate to a lateral or approximate if possible. If not the first consonant will assimilate to a fricative. Therefore:

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