Cycle 1 de Pokémon - Liste des épisodes - Voyage à Johto

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Voyage à Johto

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 4 Number of Data rows : 83
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number No Titre français Titre japonais Date de 1re diffusion

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No text
Titre français text
Titre japonais text
Date de 1re diffusion text

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Background There had been borrowings of Chinese vocabulary into Vietnamese and Korean from the Han period, but around the time of the Tang dynasty (618–907) Chinese writing, language and culture were imported entirely into Vietnam, Korea and Japan.Scholars in those countries wrote in Literary Chinese and were thoroughly familiar with the Chinese classics, which they read aloud in systematic local approximations of Middle Chinese. With those pronunciations, Chinese words entered Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese in huge numbers. The plains of northern Vietnam were under Chinese control for most of the period from 111 BC to AD 938 and, after independence, the country adopted Literary Chinese as the language of administration and scholarship. As a result, there are several layers of Chinese loanwords in Vietnamese. The oldest loans, roughly 400 words dating from the Eastern Han, have been fully assimilated and are treated as native Vietnamese words. Sino Vietnamese proper dates to the early Tang dynasty, when the spread of Chinese rhyme dictionaries and other literature resulted in the wholesale importation of the Chinese lexicon. Isolated Chinese words also began to enter Korean from the 1st century BC, but the main influx occurred in the 7th and 8th centuries AD after the unification of the peninsula by Silla. The flow of Chinese words into Korean became overwhelming after the establishment of civil service examinations in 958. Japanese, in contrast, has two well preserved layers and a third that is also significant:

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